Welcome to the official site of the Great Gypsy Chillout!

The Chillout is a unique event coming up on Friday, August 6th - a perfect opportunity to come to the Gypsy Coffee House and beat the summer heat with some excellent food and beverages, accompanied by a DJ performance of nothing but downtempo tracks:  trip-hop, ambient, chilled-out electronica, and some mindblowingly rare tracks and remixes from my personal archives!

As if that's not cool enough, this event will be 100% FREE and open to the public!

I'm Badger - a long-time Tulsa area DJ and Gypsy performer/denizen.  It's my pleasure to present the first Great Gypsy Chillout.

I've opted to write this site out in first-person...  So, everything you see here will be written directly from me to you.

Feel free to click on all the different segments of the site to learn about this event... and plan on attending on August 6th.

Let's have some fun!