It's no secret that I'm a bit of a light effect fanatic.

Since my days doing mobile DJing for weddings and proms and whatnot, I have always been obsessed with giving the biggest, most impressive, knock-you-on-your-ass light shows that I could.

In this case, though, TMJ and I are scaling things down a bit.  This will not feature a massive, frenetic light system like we've brought to a lot of our earlier events.  This will be much more, well, chilled-out.

We're still going to have lights aplenty.  The house lights will be dimmed and the Gypsy will be glowing with specialized lighting effects and projections.

And, of course, we're going to be bringing in a fog machine - hopefully using the specialized "coconut fog" of which I'm particularly fond, if it's available.

A few important words of warning.

Even though we won't have lots of crazy spinning and flashing club lights, there's still the remote possibility that the light effects and/or projections could trigger seizures in those who are prone to them, such as epileptics.  Please attend at your own risk.

[Photo by Brian Pelts, 2009, from Badger/TMJ's Depeche Mode Album Release Night at the Gypsy.]