For the Great Gypsy Chillout, my old friend, the enigmatic DJ TMJ, will return for the first Badger/TMJ event in over a year!

For this special night, he has chosen to come back for a Gypsy event, but he has chosen not to DJ.  He will be helping to setup and teardown the sound and light gear, working the lights, schmoozing, and basically being pimpadocious, as he tends to be.

TMJ has been involved in the DJ industry since the mid-1990s, but only appears once in a great while for very special events.

When not DJing, he enjoys collecting films and music, producing, and remixing.  He's feverishly looking forward to Tron Legacy.  (For that matter, so am I.)

He is currently working on his first electronic album, and lives somewhere in northeast Oklahoma with his wife and two slightly hyperactive dogs.