DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry One.
Sunday 2002.06.09 11:59 AM CST.
Crap, this is a long first entry.  Forgive me.  Lots of news about DJ Badger, Clockwork Wizards, and collaborations with James Ether...

Well, here it is, the official DJ Badger Website.  Pretty swank, eh?  At the time of this writing I'm stuck at home being the "on-call" for my so-called "day job."  So, I've taken advantage of the time and worked on many new tracks for the first CD collection, which I hope to have finished within the next month or two.  I'd already had a bit of work already done, but this weekend I managed to almost completely produce three full tracks.  The first one that I'm going to upload to ACIDPlanet is called "Soundtrack To An Amputation."  I plan on having that one uploaded within the next few days.  The second one I'll upload will most likely be a bizarre track called "A Man Wears A Tie When He Goes To the City."  It's about 10 minutes long, but in my opinion, it has so many changes in it that it doesn't really get tiresome.

I think that when people hear the DJ Badger material, they're either going to think "That sounds exactly like Clockwork Wizards," or possibly, "That sounds nothing like Clockwork Wizards."  :)  I'm looking forward to the reactions.  The tracks I've worked on this weekend seem a bit "harder" than the old Clockwork Wizards tracks.

In any case, people reading this might also end up wondering what happened to ClockWiz.  Well, that project is still alive and well.  The main two problems are (A) finding the time to keep creating CW material and (B) finding some good female vocalists in my area to collaborate with for some of the more trip-hoppy works.  I'm still working on CW tracks here and there, and I really hope to have new material up at the Planet soon.

So, one may ask, what's the difference between Clockwork Wizards and DJ Badger?  Well, not to bash the DJ Badger work by any means, but I'm going to be a lot more "serious" about the ClockWiz project than about DJ Badger.

Also, the DJ Badger CDs will be offered in cool coloured CD-Rs with colour inserts and the works, but at this point I simply can't afford "professional" CD manufacturing for them.  When the time comes to release the first Clockwork Wizards double-CD collection (trust me, the track listing will require two CDs), I definitely want to have a majorly polished, beautiful, professional double-CD set to present to those who've been waiting for it.

Well before the full ClockWiz double-CD set is released, I do plan on releasing the legendary(?) "Songs for Three Chicks" set [with remixes of "Heartstrings (Song for Teresea)," "Shalisha's Intent," and "Kasia:  Muse of the Madman"] as an early package of three coloured CD-Rs.  Plus, there'll probably be an introductory "official" single before the full 2xCD set as well.  Oh, yeah, and if everything goes as planned, anything you buy from me will be personalized and autographed.  That way, when I kick the proverbial bucket, everything you've bought from me will suddenly be worth a fortune.  Or not.

In other cool news, I am working on remixing some of the works of animator/artist/musician extraordinaire, James Ether.  I have gotten permission from him to remix his music and post the results, so that's something I'm extremely excited about.  For those of you unfamiliar with his work, I consider him to be the American answer to Aphex Twin.  He's already released a good-sized batch of CDs (all of which are very cool, trust me), and he also does fantastic paintings, three of which I have just purchased for my apartment.  I originally became familiar with him through his spectacular Flash animation site, the Painted Wagon.  He also just started a bizarre little doll-making business called the "Podunk Jamboree."  In my opinion, the man's a twisted genius.  The first ClockWiz remix, which I've already finished except for some final polishing, is an over nine-minute version of "Butter Cakes," one of my favourite songs of his.  As soon as I'm ready with it, it'll go up at ACIDPlanet under the Clockwork Wizards profile.  In the meantime, here are some links to different facets of the man they call James Ether:

To purchase or listen to James Ether's music, click on the head of Lynette May, below:

Lynette May

For the Painted Wagon animations, click on Monty Paunch, Kim Fat, or the pan-touching idiot guy, below:

Monty Paunch    Kim Fat    The Pan Toucher

Some of my favourite animations there are "Progression" and "NKSG6010K" from the "new" animations, and "Saturday" (a true classic) and "Don't Touch the Pan" from the "old" collection.  WARNING:  Some of Ether's animations have very adult-oriented content.  It's not for the kiddies.  View at your own risk.  Especially "Cake Time."  It's really quite sick.

For the Podunk Jamboree series of dolls, click on Skim "Scoopy" Leche or Weldon Gwynn below:

 Skim "Scoopy" Leche  Weldon Gwynn

For the massive James Ether-o-Rama experience (including links to all the above, plus the site at which to buy his original paintings), click on Ether's crazy mug, below:

James Ether

(No, he didn't ask me to do any of the above pimping.  I'm just a major fan of his work and I wanted to give him some extra publicity.)

Finally, yes, I will have some exclusive DJ Badger music files uploaded to this site in the near future.  Currently, I'm using DirectNIC's "free" hosting, which is OK, but they won't allow files that are (A) any sort of music/sound files and/or (B) over 200K in size.  Hence, no MP3s here yet.  Soon, though.  Very soon.

There is so much more to come at this site.  Please check back in the near future and I'll hopefully have lots more stuff here.  :)  Thanks for dropping by.

- Badger