DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Two Hundred Thirty-Nine.
I'm still standing.
Saturday, 2021.03.20, 11:15 AM
central time.

Entry Two Hundred Thirty-Eight.
At 49.
Friday, 2020.12.25, 7:37 PM
central time.

Entry Two Hundred Thirty-Seven.
Meatball subs, baklava, and so many memories...
Saturday, 2020.12.06, 12:57 PM
central time.

Entry Two Hundred Thirty-Six.
How to get me to stop DJing online.
Saturday, 2020.11.07, 5:42 PM
central time.

Entry Two Hundred Thirty-Five.
So, "Totally Awesome 80s" is no more.
Sunday, 2020.11.01, 10:07 PM
central time.

Entry Two Hundred Thirty-Four.
"Cult classic" films - and more nostalgia.
Friday, 2020.10.16, 12:17 PM

Entry Two Hundred Thirty-Three.
The Soundtrack to 2019 - "It's About Time."
Thursday, 2020.10.08, 5:28 PM

Entry Two Hundred Thirty-Two.
A story about 1995... and why I don't mind LONG online sets.
Wednesday, 2020.08.19, 5:51 PM

Entry Two Hundred Thirty-One.
A few more thoughts and details about the format of Radio SRO.
Thursday, 2020.06.20, 12:18 AM

Entry Two Hundred Thirty.
RADIO SRO!!! -!  WEEKLY broadcasts!
Thursday, 2020.06.18, 5:49 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Nine. - Mixcloud Live - online live sets!
Wednesday, 2020.06.17, 3:57 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Eight.
A global pandemic, projects, and just staying home.
Saturday, 2020.05.23, 11:53 AM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Seven.
New Year's Eve and 1989.
Tuesday, 2019.12.31, 12:48 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Six.
At 48.
Tuesday, 2019.12.03, 11:09 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Five.
So, about that last New Year's Eve performance...
Saturday, 2019.11.30, 7:02 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Four.
Twenty years ago, I got cut open on Halloween.
Thursday, 2019.10.31, 10:09 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Three.
Thirty years of DJing... and the "Hanging Up the Headphones" party that didn't happen.
Saturday, 2019.09.28, 11:22 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Two.
The big, big changes.
Monday, 2019.09.16, 6:40 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-One.
I'm not retiring... but I'm close.  Here's why.
Monday, 2019.09.16, 6:16 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twenty.
The cancer scare and the sleep apnea.
Friday, 2019.05.24, 7:37 PM

Entry Two Hundred Nineteen.
I am not affiliated with any local radio station.
Sunday, 2019.02.10, 11:02 AM

Entry Two Hundred Eighteen.
I play remixes.  That will not change.
Sunday, 2019.02.10, 10:47 AM

Entry Two Hundred Seventeen.
Connections with the fall of 1988.
Saturday, 2018.12.29, 1:52 PM

Entry Two Hundred Sixteen.
30-Years-in-the-DJ-Industry party - July 14th - with DAVE FRENCH!
Sunday, 2018.07.08, 12:46 PM

Entry Two Hundred Fifteen.
A few changes - good ones - and self-identification.
Wednesday, 2018.05.02, 3:58 AM

Entry Two Hundred Fourteen.
When My Story Ends.  (Revision)
Monday, 2018.03.26, 12:15 AM

Entry Two Hundred Thirteen.
SPECIAL EDITION - "The Origin Story" - Thirty years in the DJ industry!
Monday, 2018.02.13, 3:16 PM

Entry Two Hundred Twelve.
The "Totally Awesome 2018" New Year's Eve party was, well, totally awesome.
Monday, 2018.01.15, 3:16 PM

Entry Two Hundred Eleven.
Regarding "Zork," 2018, and success.
Monday, 2018.01.08, 11:59 PM

Entry Two Hundred Ten.
"Everything's better with gravy" - regarding the death of my father, William L. "Jack" Kelley.
Sunday, 2017.12.03, 12:21 PM

Entry Two Hundred Nine.
A miniature maelstrom.
Sunday, 2017.11.12, 8:01 AM

Entry Two Hundred Eight.
Introspection and the end of "Twin Peaks."  (Spoiler-ish.)
Tuesday, 2017.09.12, 3:48 AM

Entry Two Hundred Seven.
Lessons learned from PROG51, and I'm going to have to go back on my word, kind of.
Saturday, 2017.06.24, 1:24 PM

Entry Two Hundred Six.
Tonight, "Twin Peaks" returns after 26 years.
Sunday, 2017.05.21, 11:23 AM

Entry Two Hundred Five.
MODENIGHT and a massive "Thanks!" to those who attended.
Saturday, 2017.05.20, 7:28 PM

Entry Two Hundred Four.
My new mobile DJ company:  BRAVO Pro DJ Service!
Saturday, 2017.03.25, 3:09 PM

Entry Two Hundred Three.
Feeling lucky (still).
Sunday, 2017.03.12, 12:43 PM

Entry Two Hundred Two.
At 45/Resolutions for 2017.
Saturday, 2017.01.07, 1:00 PM

Entry Two Hundred One.
My three words for 2017.
Tuesday, 2017.01.03, 9:00 AM

Entry Two Hundred.
Remembering Fall 1991.
Saturday, 2016.12.31, 12:35 P

Entry One Hundred Ninety-Nine.
PROG51 successful, Nitro/Gen dead, Pop in a Blender suspended, and more.
Friday, 2016.06.17, 9:56 P

Entry One Hundred Ninety-Eight.
I have survived twenty-five years since March 20th, 1991.
Sunday, 2016.03.20, 10:05 A

Entry One Hundred Ninety-Seven.
The kind of promoter I aim to be.
Friday, 2016.03.19, 7:57 P

Entry One Hundred Ninety-Six.
Thank you...  I'm really, really lucky.
Friday, 2016.01.15, 11:58 P

Entry One Hundred Ninety-Five.
Missing KTOW Progressive Radio.
Wednesday, 2016.01.13, 11:59 P

Entry One Hundred Ninety-Four.
Please don't be a "request hipster."
Wednesday, 2015.12.30, 11:36 P

Entry One Hundred Ninety-Three.
Taking the reins of the ResurXtion event series.
Tuesday, 2015.09.08, 7:10 P

Entry One Hundred Ninety-Two.
If you DJ using YouTube, you're a disgrace to our profession.
Saturday, 2015.06.13, 5:58 P

Entry One Hundred Ninety-One.
A journey of self-modification.
Wednesday, 2015.06.03, 7:47

Entry One Hundred Ninety.
The end of an era: the retirement of David Letterman.
Thursday, 2015.05.21, 1:06

Entry One Hundred Eighty-Nine.
AN OLD SCHOOL TECHNO NIGHT is coming - March 28th!
Saturday, 2015.02.28, 3:05

Entry One Hundred Eighty-Eight.
New year's resolutions, 2015.
Saturday, 2015.01.25,
11:56 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eighty-Seven.
2014 was a HUGE year for me as far as DJing went... and I have some special people to thank for that.
Friday, 2015.01.02,
11:37 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eighty-Six.
Ending 2014... and a special tribute to my friendship with DJ TMJ.
Wednesday, 2014.12.31,
11:18 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eighty-Five.
It's official...  I've been DJing for 25 years.
Monday, 2014.09.29,
12:05 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eighty-Four.
My mother-in-law is gone.
Thursday, 2014.06.26,
3:15 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eighty-Three.
Big thanks to my wife.  A personal family crisis.  Mobile DJ company still in the works.
Monday, 2014.06.23,
12:52 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eighty-Two.
A few more details about my NEW mobile DJ company!
Monday, 2014.06.09,
10:58 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eighty-One.
"Back to the Prom" - a very special event, and my return to the world of MOBILE DJING!!!
Wednesday, 2014.06.04,
1:51 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eighty.
Ups and downs and projects aplenty.
Monday, 2014.06.02,
10:55 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy-Nine.
Why I'm not performing at 80s Prom 2014.
Wednesday, 2014.03.26,
9:46 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy-Eight.
When my story ends.
Sunday, 2014.03.02,
11:54 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy-Seven.
The soundtrack of 2013.
Wednesday, 2014.01.29,
10:18 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy-Six.
The soundtrack of 2012.
Monday, 2013.12.30,
10:02 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy-Five.
Milestones:  DJing, the Internet, my shaved head, and more.
Monday, 2013.11.11,
12:09 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy-Four.
Regarding Depeche Mode's "But Not Tonight."
Thursday, 2013.10.17,
3:51 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy-Three.
Track-by-track review of both Depeche Mode "Delta Machine Tour" concerts.
Monday, 2013.10.14,
3:51 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy-Two.
Depeche Mode concert #9 (Dallas) with my six-year-old!
Monday, 2013.09.30,
12:52 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy-One.
Depeche Mode concert #8 (Houston/Woodlands) and a patched-up friendship.
Saturday, 2013.09.28,
12:51 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventy.
"Music for the Night People" and "What Do Boys Dream?"
Tuesday, 2013.07.09,
3:42 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty-Nine.
A tale of tenacity, obsession and sickness:   That 90's Party setlist + details.
Friday, 2013.07.05,
12:47 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty-Eight.
Setlists + details:  80s Prom and Throwback Thursday!
Thursday, 2013.06.27,
10:02 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty-Seven.
A long-overdue post about DJ Robbo and my foolish pride.
Saturday, 2013.06.08,
7:28 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty-Six.
Surgery, Delta Machine, and two NEW retro performances, right around the corner!
Wednesday, 2013.03.27,
3:04 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty-Five.
25 YEARS in the DJ industry, and a MASSIVE 80s megamix!
Tuesday, 2013.02.13,
3:14 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty-Four.
Hoping to have some fun in 2013!
Tuesday, 2013.01.15,
10:02 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty-Three.
My pick for album of the year 2012...
Wednesday, 2013.01.02,
12:09 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty-Two.
Christmas, memories, Depeche Mode, and the future.
Monday, 2012.12.31,
12:05 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty-One.
"The Great Gypsy Chillout 2" + Utopia "Retro Set" - recaps + setlists.
Tuesday, 2012.12.04,
12:42 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixty.
In Respectful Observation 2.
Monday, 2012.12.03,
10:56 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty-Nine.
I'm DJing again, October 19th. "The Great Gypsy Chillout 2" is coming!
Sunday, 2012.09.16
, 10:31 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty-Eight.
"Never Let Me Down Again" turns 25.
Friday, 2012.08.24
, 1:39 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty-Seven.
Celebrating ten years of great times at the Gypsy Coffee House (and!).
Wednesday, 2012.08.01
, 2:35 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty-Six.
Five years since one of my darkest days.  RIP, Mom.
Monday, 2012.07.30
, 11:59 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty-Five.
I performed at Tulsa Pride 2012!  (Includes setlist.)
Wednesday, 2012.06.27
, 10:42 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty-Four.
SRO Remix:  One of the most significant events at which I've ever performed.  (Includes setlists.)
Wednesday, 2012.06.13
, 1:24 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty-Three.
My changing attitude towards modern music (but Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne still suck).
Tuesday, 2012.06.12
, 11:46 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty-Two.
"The Last Time" - One of the most important posts I've ever written here.
Thursday, 2012.03.22
, 9:27 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty-One.
The Death of Whitney Houston.
Monday, 2012.02.27
, 1:41 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifty.
The Fall 2010 Chronicles, Part V:  Meeting Nitzer Ebb.
Friday, 2011.12.09
, 3:52 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Forty-Nine.
The Fall 2010 Chronicles, Part IV:  SRO25 and Sanchez, one of the coolest DJs ever.
Friday, 2011.11.11
, 9:47 AM CST.
Edited 2017.06.03.

Entry One Hundred Forty-Eight.
The Fall 2010 Chronicles, Part III:  Seeing BT and enduring the Ivey.
Thursday, 2011.11.10
, 1:19 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Forty-Seven.
TOMORROW!  My very first art show, "EXHIBIT A."
Tuesday, 2011.10.06
, 5:17PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Forty-Six.
A big "Thank you" to Steve Jobs.
Tuesday, 2011.10.06
, 2:20 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Forty-Five.
The Fall 2010 Chronicles Part II:  Meeting Alan Wilder.
Tuesday, 2011.09.20
, 3:03 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Forty-Four.
The Fall 2010 Chronicles Part I:  Reuniting with my DJ mentor.
Tuesday, 2011.09.20
, 1:07 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Forty-Three.
You can now listen to DJ Badger mix sets online, FOR FREE!
Friday, 2011.09.16
, 9:52 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Forty-Two.
Mohawk Music has now been closed over ten years... but long live Mohawk Music!
Friday, 2011.09.16
, 9:35 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Forty-One.
A remarkable evening experience...
Tuesday, 2011.06.20
, 11:09 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Forty.
A Totally 80s Dance Party - One of the most successful performances of my career!
Thursday, 2011.06.09
, 11:40 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Nine.
About depression, suicide, and artwork.
Thursday, 2011.06.09
, 10:03 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Eight.
I got to see Duran Duran perform live... in Thackerville!
Thursday, 2011.06.09
, 8:56 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Seven.
Is it 1983 again?  No; that's just the new Duran Duran album.
Friday, 2011.04.01
, 10:34 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Six.
The tragedy of the digital DJ.
Thursday, 2011.03.24
, 9:41 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Five.
A bitter anniversary.
Sunday, 2011.03.20
, 9:31 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Four.
The 25th anniversary of Black Celebration.
Thursday, 2011.03.17
, 3:37 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Three.
New year's resolutions for 2011 (water, the Almighty, and the loose ends).
Thursday, 2011.01.06
, 7:11 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty-Two.
Happy 2011, everyone.
Saturday, 2011.01.01
, 7:51 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty-One.
Various observations:  Dream/Sky/Glenda.
Sunday, 2010.10.24
, 8:10 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirty.
"Halo" - for the Atari 2600!
Tuesday, 2010.10.05
, 11:14 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Nine.
Mixing practice, maps, memories, and current projects.
Tuesday, 2010.10.05
, 6:47 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Eight.
"World in My Eyes" and a few memories of TU.
Friday, 2010.09.17
, 9:55 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Seven.
The Great Gypsy Chillout recap + setlist.
Thursday, 2010.08.12
, 4:20 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Six.
The Great Gypsy Chillout, coming this Friday!
Wednesday, 2010.08.04
, 8:10 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Five.
I'll be hosting Gypsy's open mic night for a while.
Friday, 2010.06.25
, 8:57 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Four.
Gary Coleman, Corey Haim, and my dad's girlfriend.
Friday, 2010.06.04
, 10:28 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Three.
The prom, Violator, "Twin Peaks," and more.
Friday, 2010.04.30
, 10:15 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty-Two.
Remembering the Duohouse Pilgrimage.
Thursday, 2010.04.15
, 5:06 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty-One.
20 years of "Enjoy the Silence!"
Thursday, 2010.02.11,
2:01 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twenty.
2010 will be a year of change.  (Oh, yeah, and I have Legionnaires' Disease.)
Friday, 2010.02.05
, 11:30 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Nineteen.
The farewell to "The Tonight Show" from Conan O'Brien.
Saturday, 2010.01.23
, 2:55 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eighteen.
A belated farewell to 2009.
Saturday, 2010.01.23
, 1:57 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seventeen.
New Year's Eve/"Love Is a Shield."
, 2010.01.01
, 10:28 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Sixteen.
Two good friends and two good milestones.
, 2009.12.31
, 2:40 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fifteen.
The "I made it!" mega-update.
, 2009.12.24
, 1:10 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Fourteen.
Bon voyage, Chuckie.
, 2009.12.03
, 1:47 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Thirteen.
A little over ten years ago, I almost died.
, 2009.11.19
, 8:42 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Twelve.
Should I just quit?
, 2009.11.15
, 6:52 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eleven.
Depeche Mode Tribute Night: My setlists/thoughts.
, 2009.11.15
, 3:38 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Ten.
Assimilation DM Tribute Night THIS SATURDAY!
, 2009.11.10
, 11:21 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Nine.
Gomez + Dodger, Mixtape setlist, DMA magazine, and Gary Shore.  (Gary Shore?)
, 2009.10.17
, 5:21 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Eight.
Last-minute news!  I'm playing a two-song set at Mixtape Wednesday, TOMORROW.
, 2009.10.06
, 11:38 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Seven.
Life changes happen every day.
, 2009.10.02
, 5:26 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Six.
I first DJed 20 years ago.
, 2009.09.29
, 3:57 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Five.
MASSIVE news - DJing at Assimilation Depeche Mode Tribute Night, 11-14!
, 2009.09.11
, 9:50 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Four.
I want to die like John Hughes.
, 2009.09.11
, 8:49 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred Three.
Sage advice from one of my best friends.
, 2009.09.10
, 10:32 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred Two.
I saw Depeche Mode live for the seventh time... and I was severely disappointed.
, 2009.09.07
, 11:46 PM CST.

Entry One Hundred One.
"Personal Jesus" - two decades ago!
, 2009.08.29
, 1:06 AM CST.

Entry One Hundred.
Requiem for the Death Tank.
, 2009.08.28
, 6:53 PM CST.

Entry Ninety-Nine.
True Faith afterthoughts, a trip to Kansas City, John Hughes, and Uncle Zeb.
Thursday, 2009.08.20
, 11:38 AM CST.

Entry Ninety-Eight.
Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon.
Friday, 2009.06.26
, 12:10 AM CST.

Entry Ninety-Seven.
Iranian correlation and "Neda."
Sunday, 2009.06.21
, 4:58 PM CST.

Entry Ninety-Six.
"TRUE FAITH" - a BIG DJ event coming July 31st!
Thursday, 2009.06.11
, 9:35 AM CST.

Entry Ninety-Five.
Well, look what showed up just a few minutes ago...
Friday, 2009.06.05
, 9:35 AM CST.

Entry Ninety-Four.
Tienanmen Square and Fine Young Cannibals:  Memories from 1989.
Thursday, 2009.06.04
, 5:12 PM CST.

Entry Ninety-Three.
Depeche Mode Night setlists are now online!
Wednesday, 2009.05.27
, 2:03 PM CST.

Entry Ninety-Two.
Why Depeche Mode Night is special to me.
Friday, 2009.04.15
, 9:42 PM CST.

Entry Ninety-One.
Depeche Mode Night:  Mini-site and more details!
Friday, 2009.04.10
, 5:56 PM CST.

Entry Ninety.
My time at DecisionOne.
Monday, 2009.03.23
, 11:57 PM CST.

Entry Eighty-Nine.
Lost Tulsa is one of the greatest sites ever.
Thursday, 2009.03.19
, 1:44 AM CST.

Entry Eighty-Eight.
New event!  A DEPECHE MODE party on April 24th!
Friday, 2009.02.27
, 9:40 PM CST.

Entry Eighty-Seven.
New Depeche Mode video... and the last "Late Night with Conan."
Tuesday, 2009.02.24
, 4:10 PM CST.

Entry Eighty-Six.
Two things I know about Portland, Oregon.
Saturday, 2009.02.21
, 10:45 PM CST.

Entry Eighty-Five.
Meeting D.J.P, hello to the new Mario's, and goodbye to the old Mario's...
Monday, 2009.02.05
, 1:04 AM CST.

Entry Eighty-Four.
Happy new year... BOOMBOX event coming Jan 31st!
Monday, 2009.01.19
, 2:06 AM CST.

Entry Eighty-Three.
Birthday.  Santa.  Doom.  Pistachios.  Memories.  Christmas.
, 2008.12.12, 1:38 AM CST.

Entry Eighty-Two.
Interesting facts about Octobers past.
, 2008.10.31, 12:28 AM CST.

Entry Eighty-One.
, 2008.10.30, 11:47 PM CST.

Entry Eighty.
A few awesome pictures, a few more DJ remixes, and Indiana Jones.
, 2008.10.25, 11:25 PM CST.

Entry Seventy-Nine.
MSW!  Speakers!  Nine Inch Nails!  Projects!  Illness!  Bennigan's!
Friday, 2008.10.03, 11:50 PM CST.

Entry Seventy-Eight.
3316 is no more.  Chef Guy rocks on.  Another sad anniversary.
Sunday, 2008.08.03, 11:56 PM CST.

Entry Seventy-Seven.
One year without my mom.
Tuesday, 2008.07.30, 12:36 AM CST.

Entry Seventy-Six.
Another picture - a bit unsettling.
Sunday, 2008.07.27, 11:30 PM CST.

Entry Seventy-Five.
A cute picture and a saddening fact.
Friday, 2008.07.18, 10:41 PM CST.

Entry Seventy-Four.
A small update.
Tuesday, 2008.07.08, 1:30 AM CST.

Entry Seventy-Three.
If you're a DJ who wants lights...
Wednesday, 2008.05.21, 12:23 AM CST.

Entry Seventy-Two.
TONIGHT, at the Continental!
Saturday, 2008.05.10, 11:26 AM CST.

Entry Seventy-One.
A new DJ Badger appearance (not quite a DJ gig).
Sunday, 2008.04.27, 11:56 PM CST.

Entry Seventy.
A belated RIP to Music Sound World.
Saturday, 2008.04.26, 2:05 AM CST.

Entry Sixty-Nine.
A health scare and a birthday.
Sunday, 2008.04.13, 7:38 AM CST.

Entry Sixty-Eight.
Black walnut, shooting hoops, and mixing practice.
Monday, 2008.03.31, 12:09 AM CST.

Entry Sixty-Seven.
I'm back! (Computer problems, etc.)
Sunday, 2008.03.23, 12:26 AM CST.

Entry Sixty-Six.
Further details about my 3316 appearances.
Sunday, 2008.01.06, 7:55 PM CST.

Entry Sixty-Five.
Thursday, 2008.01.03, 8:57 PM CST.

Entry Sixty-Four.
End of 2007:  At least we lost Anna Nicole.
Monday, 2007.12.31, 5:35 PM CST.

Entry Sixty-Three.
Hard to believe:  20 whole years collectin' the Mode.
Thursday, 2007.12.27, 10:36 PM CST.

Entry Sixty-Two.
A Quite Merry Christmas, Indeed...
Tuesday, 2007.12.25, 9:12 PM CST.

Entry Sixty-One.
Christmas Eve Eve.
Sunday, 2007.12.23, 11:48 AM CST..

Entry Sixty.
Snow Day!
Monday, 2007.12.10, 8:39 AM CST.

Entry Fifty-Nine.
In Respectful Observation.
Monday, 2007.12.03, 12:46 AM CST.

Entry Fifty-Eight.
Farewell, Mike from Mario's Pizzeria.
Saturday, 2007.12.01, 10:54 PM CST.

Entry Fifty-Seven.
Costochondritis, a new site design, and more!
Thursday, 2007.11.23, 11:02 PM CST.

Entry Fifty-Six.
Halloween 2007... and Re-Prioritization.
Thursday, 2007.11.01, 11:11 PM CST.

Entry Fifty-Five.
Happy EKG Day 2007!
Saturday, 2007.09.29, 9:58 PM CST.

Entry Fifty-Four.
A little info about a couple of brand-new Badger projects.
Sunday, 2007.09.09, 11:39 PM CST.

Entry Fifty-Three.
An update on how I'm holding up.
Friday, 2007.08.31, 12:27 AM CST.

Entry Fifty-Two.
The Atari Basketball story (from the funeral).
Friday, 2007.08.24, 10:23 AM CST.

Entry Fifty-One.
So much stuff is gone... but I must progress.
Tuesday, 2007.08.07, 11:46 AM CST.

Entry Fifty.
She has been laid to rest; may she rest in peace.
Saturday, 2007.08.04, 4:41 PM CST.

Entry Forty-Nine.
So long, Mama.
Wednesday, 2007.08.01, 1:23 AM CST.

Entry Forty-Eight.
Bringing down a building.
Saturday, 2007.06.03, 11:44 PM CST.

Entry Forty-Seven.
RECIPE TIME with Badger!
Sunday, 2007.04.29, 11:55 AM CST.

Entry Forty-Six.
Hard to believe it's been 17 years, eh?
Saturday, 2007.04.21, 12:18 AM CST.

Entry Forty-Five.
BIG NEWS.  X has arrived.
Saturday, 2007.04.14, 4:30 PM CST.

Entry Forty-Four.
Don't believe everything that you read.
Saturday, 2007.04.14, 3:44 PM CST.

Entry Forty-Three.
Groove Is in the Heart.
Sunday 2007.03.18, 12:02 PM CST.

Entry Forty-Two.
Sunday 2007.03.04, 12:44 PM CST.

Entry Forty-One.
I got married!  :)
Wednesday 2007.02.28, 8:21 PM CST.

Entry Forty.
Happy new year, I suppose.
Monday 2007.01.01, 3:33 PM CST.

Entry Thirty-Nine.
A bizarre set of Christmastime reflections.
Sunday 2006.12.24 12:33 AM CST.

Entry Thirty-Eight.
Saffron Retro Night CANCELLED.
Saturday 2006.09.30 12:22 PM CST.

Entry Thirty-Seven.
Major RETRO PARTY on September 30th!
Thursday 2006.09.21 10:49 PM CST.

Entry Thirty-Six.
Crazy Bread and other assorted topics.
Friday 2006.09.07 8:07 AM CST.

Entry Thirty-Five.
In memoriam.
Friday 2006.06.30 11:11 PM CST.

Entry Thirty-Four.
So, what's been going on?
Friday 2006.01.14 2:51 PM CST.

Entry Thirty-Three.
HUGE news...  I am now engaged.
Friday 2004.12.10 2:00 PM CST.

Entry Thirty-Two.
One year older, and so much is different.
Friday 2004.12.03 11:13 AM CST.

Entry Thirty-One.
I quit Club OFF.
Sunday 2004.10.03 12:30 PM CST.

Entry Thirty.
Fifteen years of runnin' my own show.
Wednesday 2004.09.29 11:19 PM CST.

Entry Twenty-Nine.
Sunday 2004.08.29 10:07 PM CST.

Entry Twenty-Eight.
A shocking breakup, and Halloween in August.
Thursday 2004.08.26 1:43 AM CST.

Entry Twenty-Seven.
I have a lot of catching up to do.
Sunday 2004.07.25 5:07 PM CST.

Entry Twenty-Six.
OLSENPARTY.COM up and running!
Saturday 2004.05.22 12:52 PM CST.

Entry Twenty-Five.
Wednesday 2004.04.28 8:57 PM CST.

Entry Twenty-Four.
One year later.
Sunday 2004.02.15 3:05 PM CST.

Entry Twenty-Three.
It's too cold.  Plus, other stuff.
Saturday 2004.02.08 5:25 PM CST.

Entry Twenty-Two.
I lost my grandpa and left the Gypsy for a while, not in that chronological order.
Saturday 2004.01.31 12:31 PM CST.

Entry Twenty-One.
More new remix acquisitions and other updates-o-rama.
Sunday 2004.01.25 4:24 PM CST.

Entry Twenty.
The holidays, party updates (again), and more about Zonen Records.
Sunday 2003.12.28 12:15 PM CST..

Entry Nineteen.
First Single Released!
Sunday 2003.09.14 7:18 PM CST.

Entry Eighteen.
Have you seen me lately?   My life has changed a bit.
Wednesday 2003.11.26 5:01 PM CST.

Entry Seventeen.
EKG officially suspended for "revision."
Sunday 2003.09.14 6:51 PM CST.

Entry Sixteen.
Nostalgia:  Earth Day Weekend, 1990.
Sunday 2003.05.04 3:58 AM CST.

Entry Fifteen.
Tae Bo, Remixes, the Party, and more about RIP JMJ shirts.
Saturday 2003.03.29 12:29 PM CST.

Entry Fourteen.
Quickie Update!  "The Other Side of the Fence."
Monday 2003.02.24 1:31 AM CST.

Entry Thirteen.
Site updates, Frou Frou remixes, and the holidays...
Friday 2002.12.13 9:28 PM CST.

Entry Twelve.
It's going to happen.
Saturday 2002.11.02 3:00 PM CST.

Entry Eleven.
Halloween, Better Off Dead, a new Berlin remix, and a fond farewell to the Podunk Jamboree.
Saturday 2002.10.26 6:48 PM CST.

Entry Ten.
A variety of statements, rants, etc.
Saturday 2002.09.28 2:10 PM CST.

Entry Nine.
James Ether's "Butter Cakes" Clockwork Wizards Utterly Fresh Mix uploaded!
Saturday 2002.08.17 7:31 PM CST.

Entry Eight.
The first promo/demo CD released... Kind of.
Wednesday 2002.08.14 1:39 AM CST.

Entry Seven.
What do I do?  I'm a DJ.
Sunday 2002.07.27 2:51 PM CST.

Entry Six.
Disappointment During the Day + A Special Surprise At Night.  (Southpaw Jones News...)
Sunday 2002.06.22 11:33 PM CST.

Entry Five.
"Microsize Boy" Clockwork Wizards Arsenic + Old Grease Remix Uploaded!
Saturday 2002.06.22 10:10 PM CST.

Entry Four.
A Momentary Change of Plans...  Tweaker and Ether News.
Saturday 2002.06.22 4:28 PM CST.

Entry Three.
Happiness = Coffee + a Skim Leche.
Monday 2002.06.17 9:39 PM CST.

Entry Two.
What's the deal with Krispy Kremes?
Tuesday 2002.06.11 10:05 PM CST.

Entry One.
DJ Badger, Clockwork Wizards, and collaborations with James Ether...
Sunday 2002.06.09 11:59 AM CST.