DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Two.
Tuesday 2002.06.11 10:05 PM CST.
What's the deal with Krispy Kremes?

OK...  Here's the latest, and the first part has nothing to do with my music.  We just had a new Krispy Kreme donut shoppe open up this morning.  It's the first one in Tulsa.  I kid you not:  People camped out for this thing.  Today, traffic was backed up for miles.  It was a major news story around here.  Luckily, I neither live nor work near the place, so I didn't have to endure the traffic hangups.  I've had Krispy Kremes.  They're good.  But they're also freaking donuts.  They're not tons better than any other donut out there, but people were lined up like God himself had spit in the batter.  To me, it's simply not worth actually showing up the night before just to get in line with the other sheep.  It was like a moron parade.

Anyway, back to musical news.  "Soundtrack To An Amputation" is doing well, with nine reviews on ACIDPlanet so far since I uploaded it on Sunday.  It's already up to #3 on the ACIDPlanet downtempo chart, and I'm pretty thrilled.  A lot of people are mentioning that it's repetitive, and I never disagreed.  :)  However, it's still a fun track.  In fact, a young lady whom I've recently been getting to know online (yet haven't met - yeah, I'm a big ol' cyber-dork) just listened to it a few minutes ago and called it "kinda sexy techno."

I'm going to hold off on uploading "A Man Wears A Tie When He Goes To the City" for another week or two; that'll give me a bit more time to polish it up more.  There's a bizarre part using computer-generated speech (which I've never used in a song before) that I still want to retool and such.  The funny thing is that the speech program I'm using came from a programmer in the UK (if I'm not mistaken) so everything it says has a British accent!  Wonderful!  :)

Anyway, I hope to get to work on another song before the night's over, and see if I can at least paste together a decent foundation for a new track.  Thanks to everyone who's been in support of my work, and to all those who have left reviews, good or bad...  I'll give you an honest review in return!  Thanks!

- Badger