DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Four.
Saturday 2002.06.22 4:28 PM CST.
A Momentary Change of Plans...  Tweaker and Ether News.

Well, this is shaping up to be a bizarre weekend.  Actually, it already has been.  I have changed my plans for the next Clockwork Wizards track which will be going up at ACIDPlanet.  I have not scrapped any of my plans for remixing James Ether's music, obviously, but "Butter Cakes" will, somewhat regrettably, not be the next ClockWiz track that I upload.

As it turns out, the ACIDPlanet Tweaker Remix Contest entry period ends this Monday night, 06-24.  So, over the past week I've been trying to churn out a good mix of Tweaker's very cool track, "Microsize Boy."  It was quite difficult, as the original song had some fairly unusual arrangement and it was tough to work the keys of the loops I was using around the different key changes in the song.  I had 3-4 different mixes that I'd been playing around with - all just little parts of mixes which just weren't good enough.

So, last night, after work, I started hammering out one more new one.  I took a break to run out and buy a copy of the full Tweaker CD (I wanted to be able to review the original version without having to listen to the streaming audio) and get some food.  Regretfully, the Gypsy (see was too crowded...  I was really hoping for one of their egg salad sandwiches!  I grabbed something else (Whataburger potato/egg/cheese taquitos, if you're just dying of curiosity) and headed back home.  I did more remix work until I fell asleep at the computer.  I realized that was probably a good cue for me to head to bed.

This morning, I woke up and got back to work.  I finished the remix this afternoon, and I must admit that I'm impressed.  I lengthened the song to over six minutes, dropped the BPM from 100 to 92 (for some reason, I tend to slow down songs when I remix them, most of the time), and reconstructed every last bit of instrumentation while keeping all the lyrics in there.  The original track was great, but I have to say that my new remix, as Wesley Willis would say, "whips a mule's behind with a belt."  It's loud, it's pounding, it's noisy, and it just has a kind of greasy, corroded quality that I enjoy.  While re-reviewing the track, I've even found myself dancing around my apartment like a crazy gimpy monkey, especially during the middle break with all the scratching.

Yep.  I dared to put scratching into "Microsize Boy."  And, yep, it worked.

So, tonight, I will more than likely be uploading the brand-new Clockwork Wizards Arsenic + Old Grease Remix of "Microsize Boy" to ACIDPlanet as my official Tweaker contest entry.  Wish me luck.

In the meantime, I have ordered another couple of Podunkians from Podunk Jamboree.  One will be an Angus Sven O'Fez, and the other will be another Beavertail Kid, which I'm going to give to my almost-70-year-old mum as a surprise, since she tends to like goofy, cute, amusing stuff like that.  Soon, I will have pictures of my current Podunkians here on the site.

Finally, I am hoping to (really!) upload the Clockwork Wizards remix of James Ether's "Butter Cakes" to the ClockWiz page on ACIDPlanet quite soon.  More later - take care!