DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Eight.
Wednesday 2002.08.14 1:08 AM CST.
The first promo/demo CD released... Kind of.

Well, first off I'm going to admit something really humbling.  Even though I've had this site up for a while...  Well, I never had an e-mail link on here.  Not one.  No way to contact me.  You can envision me smacking myself on the forehead yelling, "Hyuk! Hyuk!" as my droll hits the floor in tiny puddles.  Then, you can send me some e-mail, because tonight I went ahead and stuck "e-mail" links on every page that already existed on the site.

And now, bigger news.  Kind of.  I have produced a demo/promo CD-R, which is known as the "Friends + Family Demo 2002."  It includes the following tracks:

"Soundtrack To An Amputation"
"Harsh But Fair"
"Dissociative Disorder"
"In Honour of Instructive Ambitions"

"Shalisha's Intent"
"The Everlasting and Intrinsic Valour of Loneliness"

This CD is going to be very, VERY sparsely distributed.  As in, probably, single-digit distribution.  It's just made for friends of mine and such.  If you really want one, get to know me really well and maybe I'll crank one out for you.

Interestingly, I probably would have taken more time to churn out the mini-collection were it not for one particular* waitress out at the Gypsy, the coffee house of which I've become a fairly regular denizen.  She told me a while back that she was moving to another state for college, majoring in music education.  I was thrilled for her, since that is a career choice that I find quite creative and admirable.  We talked a bit about music and she said that she wanted to hear some of my stuff.  So, I had to get this CD ready and take it to her before she left the Gypsy and the state for good.

(*I'm not sure if it's safe to add "extremely cute" between the words "particular" and "waitress," but hopefully it's safe.  The cuteness factor is completely irrelevant, by the way.  Really.)


I drove through torrential rain to go see her at the Gypsy tonight, the last time I'll be able to go there for about a week and a half due to my schedule and the fact that I'm going to be - yet again - the on-call for my (heavy sigh) day job and I'll pretty much be chained up in my apartment waiting for "emergency" pages...  I digress.  Basically, I drove up there through all this psychotic rain because this would be the last time I'd get to say "Hello."  She was there, we waved, and then, a bit later when I went to the counter to actually GIVE her the CD, she had already left for the evening.  Grrrrrrr.  At least I knew another waitress who said she'd give the CD to her for me later, but it just wasn't the same.

Anyway, were it not for her predicament and having to leave the state so soon, I wouldn't have gone ahead and made the Friends + Family demo CD-R so quickly.  So, if she's out there reading this in the future...  "Thanks for the inspiration, Becky.  Hope you like the tunes... and, yes, you were the inspiration for Track #4, and yes, I did create and produce it specifically with you in mind within the past couple of weeks, and good luck with your studies, and please write and let me know what you think of the CD."

Yet another good reason to have all these e-mail links on the site now.

Sometimes I can't tell if I'm adorable or pathetic.

More later.

- Badger.