DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Nine.
Saturday 2002.08.17 7:31 PM CST.
James Ether's "Butter Cakes" Clockwork Wizards Utterly Fresh Mix uploaded!

After talking about it for waaaaaaay too long, I have finally uploaded my first remix of James Ether's "Butter Cakes."  Hopefully, people will find it enjoyable.  I uploaded it to the Clockwork Wizards profile at ACIDPlanet.  You can go straight to the song page by clicking on my wacky, psychotic grin below:

Before anyone asks...  The thing that I'm holding is Skim Leche, one of James Ether's "Podunk Jamboree" series of handmade dolls.  I feel the need to restate that he has never paid me for promoting his stuff, nor has he ever even asked me for the promotion; I just really enjoy his work, and I like to spread the word when I enjoy an artist.

With that in mind, I know that some of my earlier Journal entries have outdated information on James Ether's websites.  Here are the correct and proper addresses at this time: - Here's where you can buy his CDs, directly from him, on CD-R. - A page where you can hear a some of the tracks from his CDs.  (If you like the tracks, you should go ahead and buy 'em.  Spend a few bucks to support a brilliant independent artist!) - The site at which you can buy Ether's handmade dolls, like my pal Skim in the picture.  Some are cute, some are freakish, and one of them is a Moth Boy.  You can use them to amuse your friends or scare very small, impressionble children.  You can even buy a hand-made wallet with googly eyes in it!  Lots-o-fun. - Ether's crazy cartoons.  Not for the kiddies; this guy is warped.  You may want to avoid "Cake Time" - very very very messed-up and definitely not for kids.  However, check out the absolutely hilarious "Saturday," "Pimpin' Ain't Easy," "Don't Touch the Pan," "The Nonsense Kids Super Gang 6010," or "Progression."

So far, I've done five different remixes for James Ether. The Utterly Fresh Mix of "Butter Cakes" was the first.  More will follow at ACIDPlanet, and hopefully James will feel it fit to release them all on a remix CD or something.  I hope to do at least one more remix - from the song "Progression," featured on the CD "Screaming Death from above," with a music video available at the Painted Wagon (noted earlier).

Last but not least, two more things...  No, I'm not going to neglect my own original songs, which I'm still working on.  And, in case the picture above makes me look like as much of a "chick magnet" as I think it should...  Then, yes, ladies; I am still single.

Awww yeah.

- Badger.