DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Eleven.
Saturday 2002.11.02 3:00 PM CST.
It's going to happen.

Well, I don't have nearly as much ground to cover this time around, so hopefully it won't be as lengthy of an entry as last time.

In my last entry, I explained that I was trying to decide between dressing as Hannibal Lecter or a dead mime.  As it turned out, I dressed as neither of the above.  Instead, I decided to dress up as a priest, complete with grey hair, handcuffs, candy bars, and a Highlights for Children magazine.  Yeah, good taste went out the window with this one.  That was fun.

So I wore it to my beloved day job, and I got a few chuckles, but I was realllly looking forward to going to the company costume contest.  Well, to make a long story short, a few minutes before the contest, everyone else on my team (my "teammates" who knew how much this whole thing meant to me) went on "unavailable" (break) status.  Because somebody had to take calls, I sat there and did my job.  The delay that my "teammates" caused effectively prevented me from making it to the contest until too late:  The singles competition had just finished, and ironically, another priest won the contest, winning $50.00 which I really could have used.

As you can guess, I was less than pleased.  In fact, I was furious.  My "teammates" knew full well how much effort I put into this (I'm the only one in our team who dressed up) and they blocked me from making it to the contest!!!  I was so angry that my stomach practically started boiling.  I knew that the combination of complete and total rage that I felt, along with my guts twisting up, would not make for a good or productive work day.  I discussed it with my supervisor, used some sick hours, and took the rest of the day off.

At least I was feeling better by the evening, when I went out and spent some decent quality time with some actual friends.  It wasn't a total waste, but I doubt that I'll ever dress up for Halloween at my day job again, at least as long as I am working with the same "team."

Remember in the last entry when I told you that I had checked in the new phone book and one of my least favourite mobile DJ competitors (whose name started with "L") was no longer in there?  Well, I looked in there again... and another show that I really wasn't a fan of (started with "P") was also no longer in the yellow pages.  Heh.  I won't go into details, but with the "P" company out of the picture, the average level of professionalism of the Tulsa DJ market just went up significantly.

(And before ANYONE thinks it...  Nope, it's not Powerhouse.  They're still in business, they're doing well (to my knowledge), I actually like them, and I refer business to them often.  The defunct "P" show was a smaller company that I actually told customers to avoid if I wasn't able to book an event for one reason or another.)


The big news is that I AM planning to have a "15 Years in the DJ Industry" extravaganza.  I listened to a good deal of old music today, and I have determined:

- The event will take place in February of 2003.

- The music will range all the way back to that of the early 1980s, but it will mainly concentrate on songs and artists which had a special influence or emotional effect on me for one reason or another between February 1988 (my first month with DJ Dave French's Mirage Productions) and the present day.  I'm not planning on much very "new" music, though, aside from a Clockwork Wizards or DJ Badger track.  I can only think of a handful of songs released within the last 2-3 years that Iwould even consider for the event.

- A lot of the music will undoubtedly be fairly obscure, though there'll be some recognizable songs as well.  For instance, I'd love to play "Play It Again" by Out of the Ordinary or "Electrofear" by Nation 12.  There will be songs played that not even my best friends have heard before.  Of course, I'm planning on playing loads of ultrarare and freaky remixes that I've collected over the last 15 years as well.

- I will play some DJ Badger/Clockwork Wizards tracks and/or remixes, and I'll probably debut at least one new song or remix.

- At least three Depeche Mode tracks will be played.  :)  No, I'm not sure which ones they are, but expect at least one from the Violator era.

- Obviously, no requests.  :)

That's it for now...  As we get closer, I'll put up a special page with all of the details. Thanks!