DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Thirteen.
Friday 2002.12.13 9:28 PM CST.
Site updates, Frou Frou remixes, and the holidays...

Happy holidays, kids.

Awww yeah.  Gotta love those holidays.  After all, last year, my girlfriend decided to dump me the night before Thanksgiving.

Gotta loooooove the holidays.  Really.  It's, like, a law or something.

Anyway, this year, I went through Thanksgiving with my family; they had their turkey and I had my Tofurky™ (regardless of how it may sound, it's actually very good).  It went okay.

Since I have a lot of stuff to catch you up on, it may seem like a lot of the information is just a bunch of unrelated crap.  Um...  Yeah, some of it will be.  So, without further ado...  Here's a wide variety of unrelated crap!

[Note: Click here for the latest news/info in my search for the RIP JMJ shirt.]

First and foremost, as I'm sure a lot of you probably already know, Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay was recently murdered.  I'm not going to go into a big flowery memorial here; I didn't know much about him personally, and I have no idea why anyone would want to kill him.  I think he was a very talented artist, and I always had a higher level of respect for Run-DMC than I did for a lot of the rap performers of their time and pretty much all of the current-day "popular" rappers.  I pray for harmony and peace to the family and friends of Jam Master Jay, especially during what I'm sure will be a pretty tough holiday season without him, and I hope that whoever was responsible for his death is brought to justice and gets what they deserve as soon as possible.

On a related note, the massive, multi-artist tribute to Jam Master Jay at the recent Billboard Awards was very impressive.  I especially liked the "RIP JMJ" shirts that the performers were wearing.  However, I've done extensive searching and I can't find any for sale online.  If anyone knows where I can purchase an official "RIP JMJ" T-shirt, please e-mail me and let me know.  Thanks.

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If you're a regular visitor (I like to pretend that I actually have some of those), you probably noticed a bit of a different look when you came into the site
.  For instance, there's a new link to the History area, which will give you a subjective, roughly chronological, and (very likely) overtly pompous list of various events that have shaped my life.  Enjoy it, and please don't use any of the information there to stalk me.

There will be a lot more changes coming in the future... stay tuned.

This month, I got older.  Yee-haw.  Want to know how old I am?  Thirty-one.  Yep, thirty-one years old.  I don't think I look thirty-one, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to feel the way I feel at thirty-one.

But, yeah, I'm thirty-one.  Try as I might, I can't stop it.

Interestingly, the two main gifts that I received were DVDs of films that I highly enjoyed 20 years ago this year.  1982 was a special year for me, and the films Tron and ET:  The Extra-Terrestrial were both very big with me that year.  (In fact, the "big present" from my parents 20 years ago was the ET game for the Atari 2600 - a system I still highly admire.)  The DVDs I got were the two-disc anniversary set of Tron and the really massive (and exquisitely packaged) collector's edition 3-DVD/1-CD set of ET.  The two flicks brought back a lot of wonderful childhood memories...  So, the birthday was really quite cool.

I picked up the special edition box set of Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange.  I was born the year it was released at the theatres.  It doesn't look thirty-one either.  It's a highly recommendable film, if you're old enough and don't mind some very intense and potentially offensive subject matter in films.

One of the latest Sonic Foundry contests was for the song "Breathe In," an unusual yet very catchy vocal number by a new duo called Frou Frou.  I ended up working like crazy on three very different versions of the song.  The Clockwork Wizards High on Chai Mix is the best one, in my opinion, served up as a very epic-sounding, bass-heavy downtempo piece with some pretty cool scratching effects.  The Salty Vibe of A Happy Pimp is a more uptempo, twangy, funky mix.  Finally, the Throwaway House Dub was originally created almost as a joke - an attempt to just throw together a weak "sample soup" type of track like so many DJs tend to appreciate.  Strangely, it didn't turn out too bad, even though I left out half the lyrics and repeated parts over and over and over!  If you're curious, all three of them can be heard at ACIDPlanet by following these links:

Frou Frou - "Breathe In," Clockwork Wizards High on Chai Mix
Frou Frou - "Breathe In"
Clockwork Wizards High on Chai Mix

Frou Frou - "Breathe In," DJ Badger's Salty Vibe of A Happy Pimp
Frou Frou - "Breathe In"
DJ Badger's Salty Vibe of A Happy Pimp

Frou Frou - "Breathe In," DJ Badger Throwaway House Dub
Frou Frou - "Breathe In"
DJ Badger's Throwaway House Dub

I promise I'm not turning into a mainstream-music-loving poseur piece of crap, but I've found myself growing increasingly enamoured of Kylie Minogue.

It's with a light degree of embarassment that I'll admit that I really liked her song "I Should Be So Lucky" back in the late 80s whenever I started in the DJ business; perhaps I'll get some credibility back by saying I wasn't a big fan of her remake of "The Loco-Motion."

Anyway, when I first heard her single "Can't Get You Out of My Head" way back in 2001, I immediately enjoyed it, but I didn't see it as being something that would really catch on in the US, since Kylie had already had her time in the sun, so to speak, in the US back in the 80s.  Well, as most of you know, the song became a big hit, and then her album Fever sold tons-o-copies, etc., etc.  I bought numerous DJ-only remixes of her tracks, but I didn't buy the entire Fever album.

Well, I was discussing her work during a visit with DJ TMJ recently, and he played Fever while I was there.  Um, wow.  I must say that I was impressed.  He and I agreed that some of the music was highly reminiscent of Daft Punk, of whom TMJ and I are both big fans.

So, there's my latest recommendation.  Buy the Fever CD.  That is, don't download all the tracks and act like you have the CD.  Actually support the artist and purchase the CD.  It's good stuff.  There's also a DVD available of the Manchester show from the Fever tour.  Buy that too.

[Incidentally, if Kylie Minogue sees this page and wants to travel to Oklahoma to personally thank me for the free plug...  Well, Ms. Minogue, I'm available for dinner pretty much any night.  As in any night.  If I have previous social plans, I will break them.  If something crazy happens and I'm getting married that night, I will postpone it.  If I have to have major surgery to prevent a life-threatening situaton, I will reschedule it.  If I'm booked for a gig...  Well...  We can negotiate.]

The Osbournes.
Avril Levigne's "Sk8ter Boi."
Jennifer Lopez' engagement to Ben Affleck.
Jennifer Lopez' singing.
Jennifer Lopez' acting.
Jennifer Lopez' looks.

Jennifer Lopez' entire existence.

This Christmas will be the 15th anniversary of the very beginning of my Depeche Mode collecting.  It was on Christmas 1987 that my parents bought me dM's Music for the Masses as one of my Christmas gifts.  It's amazing the direction my life went after that point in time.

I'm not sure if I'll put up another Journal entry before Christmas, so if you've read this far down, I hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season, unless you're an evil demon ex-girlfriend with throat cancer, or one of a particular group of other people who doesn't deserve happiness...  Oh, they know who they are.

So, for most of you out there...  Thanks for coming by the site and reading my goofy little Journal entries.  Have a great holiday, take care of yourselves, and if you have the means, do a little something for charity to help out those who aren't quite as fortunate.  Thanks very much....  More later.

- Badger.