DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Seventeen.
Sunday 2003.09.14 6:51 PM CST.
EKG officially suspended for "revision."

It's been a while.  Okay, it's been a long while. Over four months since my last update...  Geez... and I thought I was going to speed it up. Oh, well, I digress.

Life has been interesting, and I will try to post another Journal entry tonight to detail everything that I've been through.  Nothing too bad, nothing too tragic.  In fact, there'll be lots of good news, so stay tuned.

Before anything else, though, I wanted to make sure to address an issue that is very important to me:  The fate of my DJ company, EKG Pro Mobile Music.  Over the past few Journal entries, you've seen me going back and forth debating whether or not EKG will stay in business.

Currently, I've come up with a makeshift solution that will make me happy.  Life has become too hectic for the time being to do more gigs, some of the equipment needs to be revamped, and EKG's trusty old van, the "Death Tank," is on life support.  Plus, on a more internal level, I'm starting to "miss" DJing, but I feel very, VERY disallusioned with the current pop music climate.  So, these are all things that have gone into my decision.

EKG currently has no outstanding gigs; by ending it all right now, no customers would get ripped off, nobody would have to be turned away, etc.  I could easily just say "EKG is dead," and that would be the end of one of the most bizarre and (usually) wonderful periods of life that I've ever had.

I refuse to do so.  I can't kill this old friend, no matter how much of a mercy killing it may be.  However, I can put it into suspension until it can receive the proper help to effectively "fix" it.

Effective immediately, EKG Pro Mobile Music will cease the scheduling any further DJ gigs until the revision process has been completed.

This will NOT affect any future events that I have agreed to DJ on a personal basis, including the 15-years-in-the-industry party to be held later this year.

EKG Pro Mobile Music is NOT OUT OF BUSINESS.
EKG Pro Mobile Music is temporarily SUSPENDED for revision and will return.
EKG Pro Mobile Music is NOT OUT OF BUSINESS.

Thank you.