DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Nineteen.
Wednesday 2003.11.26 5:01 PM CST.
First Single Released!

Well, leave it to me to do something like officially release a single, then neglect to tell you all about it for almost a month.

The first single is "The Other Side of the Fence," which I created back in February.  (You can see a bit more of the story here).  It was released on October 28th, and was officially first sold at the Gypsy Coffee House during/after my featured performance.

I decided to follow the UK model of single releases, so I released two different versions of "The Other Side of the Fence."  The first version [DJBCD001] includes two remixes that I created, "The Other Side..." (On the Side of the Many) and "The Other Side..." (On the Side of the Lonely).  Plus, it includes the B-side, "March of the Mulletheads," which I have no plans to release on an album.  The CD is actually a CD-R, but it's done on a black CD-R with a very professional label and printed cardboard sleeve.  (Pictures soon.)

The second version [DJBCD001B] includes "The Other Side..." (DJ TMJ Greener Mix" and "The Other Side..." (Wilhelm Sin Easy Access Mix), plus the B-side, "A Dignified Ceremonial," which will very likely also be featured on my first album.  This one is on a dark violet CD-R, with a professional label and cardboard sleeve.

I like all the remixes of "The Other Side of the Fence," but I really have to give extra-special "props" (I am so "street" it hurts) to DJ TMJ, who really churned out an awesome, industrial-tinged track, reminiscent of late-1980s Front 242 in my humble opinion.  Nicely done.  The other three mixes are quite good, as well, but when I heard what TMJ did with the track, I had a huge smile on my face, and I was practically moved to dancing.

"March of the Mulletheads" is a short, grungy, guitar-driven track with no beat.  It's simple, but fun...  I took two guitar loops and threw on an interesting sample of a woman's voice which I'd licensed a while back.  (No, the voice is not Jiffy Pop's; I seriously have no idea whose it is.)

"A Dignified Ceremonial" is a song that I had originally posted to ACIDPlanet as a Clockwork Wizards track, but when I started working on this single and moving closer to the date of my featured Gypsy performance, I decided that this was quite a good track and really should be on the first release, and hence, it's been released as a DJ Badger track rather than a Clockwork Wizards track.  (In either case, I was the only person who composed it, so it really was a solo effort, essentially.)  Years into the future, I'm sure this will cause havoc for collectors...  :)

[For those of you who were at my featured performance at the Gypsy on October 28th:  "A Dignified Ceremonial" was the song that began Act I, "The Other Side of the Fence" was one of the tracks played during the intermission between acts, and "March of the Mulletheads" was the song played at the beginning of Act II.]

The CDs are now for sale... kind of.  I hope to have some sort of credit card processing system set up soon, and I also need to get a snail-mail address set up for transactions like these.  So far, I've just been selling them at the Gypsy, but if anyone out there is interested in purchasing my CDs, for the time being, send me some e-mail and we'll discuss it.  The price is $5.00 per CD, plus shipping, which will depend on your location, but should be fairly reasonable.

I will put up another update extremely soon - possibly later tonight.  I have a lot more stuff I need to mention, and I also need to post a picture of my "new look."  It's pretty drastic.

More later; thanks for coming by.