DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Twenty.
Sunday 2003.12.18 12:15 PM CST.
The holidays, party updates (again), and more about Zonen Records.

Hope your holidays are happy.
The holidays are an interesting time.  You rarely find anyone who is completely indifferent about Christmas (or any other late-December holiday, but Christmas is my holiday of choice)...  Some people love it, and some people don't like it.  Usually, I've been one of the former types.  This year, I have been one of the latter types.

This year, I went into the holidays without a lot of money, and I had a lot of people for which I needed to buy stuff.  A couple of minor miracles occurred and I was able to do fairly well to make most everybody happy, except myself.  (This isn't saying that I wasn't happy with the gifts that I received from people - in fact, I was overjoyed - but on an intrinsic level, I have not been happy with myself.)

Due to the fact that my girlfriend's piece-of-crap ex-husband has consistently refused to take sufficient responsibility for the two children of which he's the partial owner, she could barely spend any time with me at all.  My apartment went from merely looking horrendous to becoming a complete shambles.  I repeatedly screwed up my finances, and I am looking at entering the new year, officially, in significant debt.  Finally, I learned that my grandpa was facing some quite horrible health situations, which I won't go into at this time.

I am sure that if confronted with a lot of the things I'm currently facing, some people would give up.  Some would be dead by now.  Not I.

I have a significant amount of work cut out for me in the near future.  I have a lot of things to change about my life.  I'm going to clean up my apartment, I'm going to handle my finances more wisely, and I'm going to take my anti-depressants on a more regular basis.  I'm going to do more work on this site, as well as others upon which I've been sitting.  I'm going to try to force myself to be happier and more productive, and I'm going to climb back up on top of things again.

The party - again - as if you'll believe me.
And, yes, even though I've been saying this for a ridiculously long time, I'm going to have the 15-year-anniversary party at some point in 2004.  I have been looking forward to it for a while, and I want to have it (where have we heard this before?) in March.  Specifically, I checked the dates, and I would like to have it on Saturday, March 20th, which is a "multiple anniversary" of sorts.  On March 20th, 1990, Depeche Mode (my favourite musical act and a practical obsession of mine) released "Violator," probably their most well-known album.  It was also the day of the infamous "Wherehouse riot" caused by Depeche Mode fans after an ill-fated autograph signing session in California.  One year later, March 20th of 1991, would prove to be one of the worst days of my life, thanks to a particularly evil ex-girlfriend who, I'm happy to say, has since been blessed with throat cancer - a gift that keeps on giving.  No, 03-20-1991 is not a happy anniversary, but it's significant, and I'd like to be able to have my extravaganza on a significant date.

(And, for those of you keeping score at home, yes, technically, I would have actually been in the DJ industry for over 16 years at that point, but it's still a 15-year party.  Yeah, it boggles my mind too.)

So, while nothing is definite, I would love to have this thing on Saturday, March 20th, 2004.  Stay tuned.

Zonen Records news, somewhat.
I started a record label back in October...  Now what am I going to do with it?  Give me time; I'm not sure.  Someone at the Gypsy Coffee House asked me when I would start signing artists (or something to that effect) and I told her that I would do so whenever I figured out how to run a record label.  :)

In the meantime, I have decided not to release the entire first DJ Badger album at the same time as the big party.  I want to be able to dedicate myself to one or the other of those goals, but not both at once.  However, I can make it official that I have been doing significant work on a new single, which will be released as two different CDs (like "The Other Side of the Fence" was), with multiple accompanying remixes, in March, more than likely at my big shindig.  Although I'm not sure who will be remixing the second single, it is quite probably that DJ TMJ will get his hands on it for at least one more brilliant reconstruction, and I'd like to involve some of my old friends at ACIDPlanet, but I'm not sure whom just yet.  We'll see.

I've made some updates to the history page.
So, feel free to check it out, yo, over here.

So what do I look like now?
Well, I know that most of you don't care, but I stated in my last Journal entry that I had a whole "new look."  No, it really doesn't have anything to do with the way I dress, but rather how aerodynamic I am as a whole.  I made "the change" in late October, and I've had almost unanimously positive responses from it.  For those of you who are so curious and haven't seen it yet... here goes:

See you next year!