DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Twenty-Five.
Wednesday 2004.04.28 8:57 PM CST.

It's been a while, hasn't it?  Two months, thirteen days since my last Journal entry.  My apologies...  Things have been insane.

I do have some other news, opinions, etc. to list, but I will hold off on those until later.  I have big, big, big news.  There's a real party coming up, and there's a real date, real time, and real place...

Mary-Kate and Ashley Turn 18
Saturday, June 12, 2004
9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Gypsy Coffee House
303 N. Cincinnati, Tulsa

Now, before any of you think anything stupid, let me state emphatically, right off the bat:  THIS WILL NOT BE A KIDDIE PARTY!!!  Trust me, you don't want your kids at this party, and, to be frank, I don't want your kids at this party.  :)

Why would I do a party celebrating the birthday of (gasp) the Olsen Twins?  Those who have seen my live poetry/performance art/comedy at the Gypsy Coffee House know that I'm always talking about how many days are left until the Olsen Twins are 18 years old and therefore "legal" in all fifty states.  (46 days remain as I type this.)  This isn't to celebrate their lives or careers, but rather to celebrate something very shallow, by my own admission...  the fact that they are hot and finally turning 18.  It's a night of sarcasm and satire and just sick fun.

I'm going to work on a special section of the site to give more details about this special event (look for more info here in the near future), but for now here are a few things I can say about it:

- It's just going to be a bunch of goofy, informal fun.  I reserve the right to act like a big dork, because I'll mainly be among friends and fellow Gypsy denizens.  I'm treating it like a big house party.

- Technically, as far as I'm concerned, it's free, but the Gypsy would really appreciate it if everyone there would buy something.  During open mic nights, there's a two-dollar minimum, so that's a good guideline.  Personally, I don't want you to pay for any of this (unless you want to buy one of my own CDs at the event), but since the Gypsy is gracious enough to host it, you should be able to spend at least two lousy bucks there.  Two bucks isn't much; you can't even buy a half-hour with most of my ex-girlfriends for two bucks.

- Yes, in case you've heard it, there will be a raffle for door prizes.  Yes, to my knowledge, I will be purchasing/providing them all myself, because this is my labour of love.  Yes, some will be fun, and some will be twisted.  (Let me emphasize again:  This is not a party for the kiddies.)

- The sound setup will be a scaled-down arrangement, but still really incredible.  I'll be using my 800-watt Peavey sound system, which isn't the full 1600-watt extravaganza that I used at the film festival last year, but still packs a serious punch that can and will rock the Gypsy like a Magikist*.  (Besides, I have arranged with the owner of the Gypsy to have this if I keep the sound level reasonable... so I can't go too crazy with it.)

*("Rock like a Magikist" is an old Wesley Willis saying; Wesley, rest in peace.)

- The light setup will feature most of my favourite lights, although - again - I'm not bringing "anything and everything."  Despite my excitement about this party, and my willingness to make it absolutely phenomenal, the lights will not be the full-scale no-holds barred extravaganza of the old EKG "Deluxe Edition."  This will be something closer to what I did to the film festival last year, except that I think this will include a few more, including - if my plans go correctly - a "new" light in my system that I've actually wanted for years upon years.  I'll bring a good-sized club light system that would still put most of the Tulsa "DJ road crews" to absolute shame.

- The music selection, well...  It's going to be mindblowing.  For five hours, I'm going to be pulling out all the stops, including uptempo and downtempo sets from all over the musical map:  techno, trip-hop, electro, house, 1980s retro new-wave, old-school hip-hop classics, and even (gasp!) a couple of actual recent pop songs, most of which will be presented in the coolest, most hard-to-find remixes that I've been able to track down and bring in from all over the world.  I've got over a decade and a half of dance music collecting under my belt, and I'm not planning on disappointing anyone.  As a general example, think of a mixture of Daft Punk, Front 242, Inner City, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Lords of Acid, Massive Attack, Coldplay, Tone-Loc, Portishead, Prodigy, Lil' Louis, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, and Kelis' "Milkshake" (which, incidentally, I still can't get out of my head), and you'll have a general concept of how widely this musical spectrum is going to extend.

I'll give more details and information as we grow closer to this very exciting date.  Write it on your calendars, stick it into your PDAs, do whatever you can... and bring your friends.  I want to see the Gypsy packed to capacity on June 12th, and I'm looking forward to what I think is gearing up to be a megacool event.