DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Thirty-Four.
Saturday 2006.01.14, 2:51 PM CST.
So, what's been going on?

"I'm not sure
what I'm looking for anymore.
I just know
that I'm harder to console.
I don't see who I'm trying to be
instead of me
But the key
is a question of control
(Depeche Mode, "A Pain That I'm Used To.")

Well, it has been a while since I posted an update on my site.  By "a while," I mean one year, one month, and four days.  Longest lapse so far.

The reasons for such a long departure from this Journal are widely varied, but the main thing is that I moved (to a new place with my fiancee), then I couldn't connect my old PC to the Internet, and then it took a while to properly get a new PC and get that PC up and running and install Dreamweaver on it and then get Dreamweaver working properly (mainly because I just didn't look for the latest updates in the right place).  Granted, all of this would have gone a LOT more quickly if I hadn't been so lazy about the whole thing.  Oh, well.

Ironically, on this day that I have chosen to give my first update in one year, one month, and four days, fate finds me sitting here suffering from a strained shoulder muscle that feels quite a bit like my old enemy, bursitis.

The main bits and pieces (which I will try to keep as brief as possible) from last year have been:

- Lanna and I managed to stay together the whole time and we are still engaged.  The wedding has been pushed up from October 2005 to April 2005 to October 2005.

- We have both moved from our old residences to a new place in the Tulsa area.

- Last year, I had a few good breakdowns and a lot of introspective moments, which I won't go into at this time.  Suffice it to say that I am doing better now.

- I have been working feverishly on adding more samples and loops to my already massive sample and loop library (over 100,000 so far).  I have not officially "released" any new music, though I have worked on a number of new remixes, the following of which are available for free legal download for your listening enjoyment:

Chemical Brothers + Q-Tip - "Galvanize" (DJ Badger Electro-Concrete Onslaught)*
Nine Inch Nails - "Only" (DJ Badger Cyanide on the Short Bus Mix)

t.A.T.u - "Friend Or Foe" (DJ Badger ZovietGulagZexMix)
Jette-Ives - "In the Presence of" (DJ Badger Dirty Dead Hooker Deterioration)*
Jette-Ives - "In the Presence of" (DJ Badger Pornolicious Club Reconstruction)*
Jette-Ives - "In the Presence of" (DJ Badger Backdoor Dub)*

*(Please note that in order to hear the Chemical Brothers and Jette-Ives tracks, you will need to have a membership at ACIDPlanet, which I assure you (as of the time of this writing) is completely and totally free of charge.)

- We had another massive party at the Gypsy Coffee House, way back on July 16th, 2005.  The event was called "Retro Without Shame" and it was considerably awesome.  Another big event is tentatively scheduled for this spring.

- Depeche Mode released their latest studio album, Playing the Angel, in October, and Lanna and I went to see them live (my sixth time so far!) in November.  The album, incidentally, is their best in over 15 years, and if you're even a moderate fan of dM, you should purchase Playing the Angel whenever you have the chance.

- I have decided to go back to college and brush up on my programming; I am currently taking a Visual Basic course, which I'm quite excited about.

- The funniest film that I saw in the last year:  Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

- Yes, I'm still shaving my head.

Overall, things are well.  More later.


PS:  Special congratulations to DJ TMJ, who got married on October 8th of 2005!  Awesome!