DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Forty-Three.
Sunday, 2007.03.18, 12:02 PM CST.

Groove Is in the Heart.

Things are going pretty well.  I'm getting over some sort of sinus infection, but otherwise I'm okay.  Lanna is doing okay, though X has unfortunately positioned himself in the wrong position for childbirth (he's in the "breach" position, head-up).  So, Lanna may have to have him by Caesarian section.  Stay tuned for future wacky baby developments.

Anyway...  A few days ago, I placed an order for an amazing new remix of Deee-Lite's "Groove Is in the Heart."

I first heard "Groove" back in 1990, when I started my first year of college.  I saw the video on MTV (this was back when MTV showed music videos almost all the time) and at first, if I remember correctly, I didn't like it much.  I think it took a matter of days - heck, maybe a week - before I was all wacky about it.  So were a lot of people.  It was Deee-Lite's only really big hit, and then they unraveled a short while after that.

"Groove Is in the Heart" is considered one of those rare, bizarre little dance "gems" that doesn't easily fall into any specific category.  It wasn't a standard "pop song," but it made a huge impact on the pop charts and got metric buttloads of radio play.  On the other hand, it wasn't really a house or techno or electro track, but it spread through the dance clubs like proverbial wildfire.

Over the years, "Groove Is in the Heart" has been one of those tracks of which I've made a casual attempt to collect every "good" remix out there.  Now, unlike other songs (like the works of Depeche Mode), I haven't been hunting down every single remix ever made.  My interest in "Groove" has been much less of an obsessive fascination - I don't need to have every version ever released, but if I hear a really good, really different remix of it somewhere, then I want that remix.

Well, recently, I was perusing one of my favourite music purchasing sites, and I stumbled onto a remix that I had never heard before - a vinyl-only mix that was released late last year.  Somehow, I had managed to completely overlook it.  It was unlike any version of "Groove Is in the Heart" that I had ever heard - with a strong dance beat and (strangely enough) a rock/blues guitar riff!  Plus, it contained all of the lyrics, so it was a full-vocal reconstruction.  Whoever had put together the remix had obviously put a lot of time and effort into it.  It was extraordinary.  It just blew me away

So, I decided to buy it, but I waited a little too long and they sold out of it.  Aaargh.  So, I started checking around at other websites around the world.  Just about everyone was out of stock of this remix (I even checked on eBay!), and it didn't look like it was going to be reprinted.

I could only find the record for purchase at two European sites - one in Germany from which I'd have to pay about $25 shipping (!), and another in Great Britain from which I would have to pay a pretty good chunk as well.  Both options were still "on the table" if necessary.  Even at $25 shipping, it would have been worth it to get my hands on this vinyl.  The remix was that good.

However, that wasn't necessary after all.  On Thursday, I called the first site at which I'd found it - the US retailer that originally had it but was now out of stock - and asked if they knew if they would be getting any more in.  I lucked out.  The gentleman told me that they did currently have one in stock, but it had been misprinted, with only the "Groove" remix on one site; the B-side (a different track which was nice) was not pressed on this particular copy of the vinyl, and thus they weren't expecting to sell it.  I told him I would go ahead and buy it, and I got a great deal on it.  Hence, in a matter of days, that ultra-rare new "Groove Is in the Heart" remix will be mine!!!  Bwahahahahaha.

I can't wait to play it at my next massive retro party.  So, when is that going to be, anyway?

All I can say is that it's in the works, and it will have to wait until quite a while after X is born.  But, it is in the works.

More later!