DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Fifty-Four.
Sunday, 2007.09.09, 11:39 PM CST.
A little info about a couple of brand-new Badger projects.

Well, I'm going to try to not get too sentimental about my mum tonight.  Like I've said before, she wouldn't want me to spend so much time sitting around moping just because she's gone - she would want me to be happy and productive.

So, I'm sitting here, sipping on a fuzzy navel (one of my DJ mentor's favourite drinks back in the day, and now one of mine) and listening to a considerably rare remix of Annie Lennox's "Little Bird" that I was lucky enough to acquire on vinyl a while back.

To my right, I have the glorious new rebuild of the "Wall of Records" - the massive grid structure that houses most of my vinyl - in its third incarnation.  I created the "Wall of Records" at my first apartment, then rebuilt it in our bedroom (!) when I moved in with Lanna a couple of years ago.  Now that we've moved out of that apartment, I have finally geared down to put the Wall back together in my studio.  I should have the actual metal grid-cubes completed within a day or two; filling them up back up with vinyl will take significantly longer.

The last Wall of Records, back in summer 2006.

I don't feel too horrible tonight, emotionally speaking.  I have had a number of days lately in which I have felt rather "empty" - not overwhelmed with grief, but also not really all that able to be extremely happy.  Just a cold, shallow, empty feeling.  Tonight, though, I feel okay.

Well, I have a little bit of news about two projects coming up.  Neither of them are "huge" projects, but both in their own way may prove to be very significant.

First, I have been in talks with a very talented local painter/photographer/artist who is interested in possibly doing some sort of weird conceptual pictorial thingie - essentially taking photographs of me.  It's not going to be anything too bizarre (he's not offering candy bars to take naked pictures or anything like that), and the photographer in question is someone whom I consider a close friend.  In fact, I like his work so much that I actually own one of his original paintings.  We've been throwing around ideas, and if this thing comes to fruition, odds are I'll be showing off a lot of those pics (and pimping his work) here at soon afterward.  We'll see.

As for the other new idea...  Oh, I don't want to give too much away, and I'm a bit afraid I might jinx it.

I'll just say that if you're a DJ Badger fan, you should keep your late Thursday evenings clear in the not-too-distant future.

No, this doesn't mean I'm about to do another club residency somewhere.  Far from it.  This little project will be far more... interesting.  I still need to do a bit more work to get ready for it, but once all the pieces are in place, it'll be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned.