DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Fifty-Five.
Saturday, 2007.09.29, 9:58 PM CST.
Happy EKG Day 2007!

It is amazing how quickly time seems to fly, at least in certain respects.  It is even more amazing to me that exactly eighteen years ago tonight, I performed at my first DJ gig, with my brand-new DJ company, EKG Mobile Music and Light Show.  The event was my high school's 1989 homecoming dance, and I was a senior with my own mobile DJ system.  I was so nervous, but also so excited.

So, happy EKG day, everybody.

I remember being extremely pumped up about everything.  My parents offered to back me financially, and I picked out the types of equipment I wanted.  I put together the sound and light systems over the summer, and practiced like crazy with two of my friends, Kevin and Janet, trying to make sure everything was right.  In the meantime between mixing practice sessions, I swam in my family's new swimming pool, played games on my Nintendo NES or Atari 2600, played with my dogs Spike and Homer, and watched a lot of movies, usually with my mum.  Music-wise, I loved listening to KTOW, Tulsa's last truly alternative radio station, and going to Mohawk Music, Tulsa's best music store, to buy the latest and greatest dance records.

The gig went really well; it was a financial success for the school and it very slightly upgraded my social standing among my classmates.

Over the next 13 years, EKG continued to shift and evolve.  Janet left the group (per my request... long story) in late 1989.  Kevin got married in 1991, then left the state to be in the military shortly after that.  I continued running EKG with different people, improving the sound and light systems and performing for countless customers until late 2002, when I "indefinitely suspended" the EKG company to focus on other parts of my life.

KTOW radio changed formats to "urban contemporary" in early 1991, and Tulsa hadn't had anything exactly like it since then.  Spike died in 1992.  Homer died in 1998.  Mohawk Music closed its doors in 2001.  Then, as anybody who has read the last few updates knows, my mother passed away two months ago tomorrow.

Not all of the life changes have been bad, obviously.  As I've also mentioned earlier in the Journal, during this year alone, I have gotten married, welcomed my first child into the world, and moved into a really wonderful place.  Everything just seems so bittersweet, because so many of the people, places, and things that I once found so precious are permanently fading away.

This weekend, my dad gave away the swimming pool.  It hadn't been used in quite some time, and it's my understanding that he gave it to a family who could really use it.  I still remember how wonderful it was at first, and even though I haven't swam in it in years upon years at this point, I will miss it.  Even when I wasn't swimming in it, it was nice to go outside, climb up on the deck that my dad built by hand, and just sit and think.

Now, the pool - complete with the deck - has become yet another memory.  Just like EKG, and just like my mum.

Tonight, even though this was a fairly big anniversary, I didn't have a big party or get together with a bunch of friends.  My wife and I bought groceries, bought some food at Taco Bell, then came home and watched an episode of "Drawn Together" on DVD before feeding our son, bathing him, reading to him, and putting him to bed.  It's not the way that I really would have wanted to celebrate EKG day, but it was substantial, and I got to spend it with two people who mean more to me than anyone else on earth:  My own little family.

I do have more big (positive!) updates, but those will have to wait a little bit longer.  For the time being, happy EKG day, everybody.