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Entry Sixty-Three.
Thursday, 2007.12.27, 10:36 PM CST.
Hard to believe:  20 whole years collectin' the Mode.

I forgot to mention a couple of special anniversaries in my last Entry.

As of Tuesday, I have now been collecting Depeche Mode music and memorabilia for 20 years.

It was on Christmas of 1987 that my parents bought me a cassette copy of Depeche Mode's Music for the Masses as one of my stocking stuffers.  I can still remember sitting down in my parents' bedroom, playing MftM repeatedly as I played Kid Niki: Radical Ninja on my Nintendo Entertainment System.

Also, Tuesday was the 25-year anniversary of one of my favourite Christmases ever - Christmas 1982.  I'd had my Atari VCS (aka Atari 2600) for a year at that point, and among many other presents, my parents bought me four (wow!!!) Atari games - Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back, Mouse Trap, some other game that escapes my memory for the time being, and my "most wanted" game of that Christmas Season, Raiders of the Lost ArkRaiders ended up being one of the most complicated games that I'd ever played on the Atari, and although many gamers despise it, I still really cherish it.

It seems very strange to me that only five years passed between those two Christmases.  Sometimes, it seems like only a little while ago that I got into DM, but it seems sooooo long ago that I got into the Atari.

Of course, I still continue to buy Depeche Mode-related music and merchandise.  Those of you who don't know me too well might find it amusing that there are still new games being released for the Atari 2600... and I occasionally buy them as well.  :)

There's a little trip down memory lane.  Hope it was enjoyable.  Gotta crash.  Good night.

- Badger