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Entry Sixty-Six.
Sunday, 2008.01.06, 7:55 PM CST.
Further details about my 3316 appearances.

To say that I am "hyper" or even "giddy" about the forthcoming events at 3316 would be somewhat of an understatement.  I have been babbling about the 3316 appearances ever since I left the restaurant on Thursday night.  It has become an almost unhealthy preoccupation, but hopefully that will manifest itself as extra dedication in my performances.

3316 - So, what's it like?
Even though I had already been to the place to interview on Thursday night, on Friday night, I took Lanna up there for dinner.  It was amazing.  Lanna got some kind of beef tenderloin with aged cheese grits and green beans - a dish that was quite pricy, but extremely good according to her.

They didn't offer an actual entreé that I could eat due to my vegetarianism, so I tried a serving of their poblano macaroni and cheese - an absolute taste sensation that was, surprisingly, plenty spicy for my palate.  I accompanied that with an order of "purple fries," named so because they are cut from a purple African potato, which were served with a type of red pepper catsup that really worked out well.  The whole thing was an absolute delight.

The Big Game Plan.
I know I've already explained what I'm expecting to play as far as the music goes:  Mainly downtempo (essentially trip-hop with maybe a little ambient thrown in), with an occasional set of classic house music.  It's important to re-emphasize that this won't be anything like any of the parties I've thrown in the last few years; I will be working without the fancy light effects or the big-ass speakers.  This will be a minimalistic setup:  my turntables, my CD players, my mixer board, and a microphone.  I'll be using the house sound system, and I won't even expect anybody to dance.  I will essentially be providing background music for the restaurant - but it's my mission to make sure I'm providing the best damn restaurant background music in Tulsa.  :)

Earlier today, I placed a fairly substantial online order for a lot of additional music.  I already had a virtual truckload of trip-hop and other subgenres of "downtempo" music, but I felt that since downtempo was the main focus to achieve the overall "lounge" theme, I would be an even better DJ if I could provide an even wider range of artists.  This was basically a way of beefing up an already impressive musical arsenal.  (Oh, let's face it; this gave me an excuse to buy more music and I jumped at the chance.)  So, rest assured that I'll be bringing the classics like Portishead and Tricky...  However, I will also be bringing a number of tunes that most people have never heard before, unless they are die-hard downtempo fans willing to scrape the bowels of the net to find the best stuff out there.

Simply put, this is going to rock, and my fans should definitely arrive in droves, buy some of this place's incredible food, and kick back with friends to chill with the background tunes I'm spinning.

Overall, 3316 = Quite Awesome.
If you have a thing for upscale, sophisticated cuisine, 3316 is definitely a place to go.  (I'm not just saying that because I'm going to be DJing there - it is really good.)  It is a small place, and kind of out-of-the-way... but it's worth tracking down.

If you need more information on the location and my performance times, I recommend checking out my last Entry here.

I'm sure I'll blog more about this later...  Good night!

- Badger