DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Sixty-Seven.
Sunday, 2008.03.23, 12:25 AM CST.
I'm back!  (Computer problems, etc.)

Following an absence of over two months, I'm back to blogging here at

My computer has been down in a bad way...
I have had some major computer problems over the past couple of months, as my main PC (the one on which I did all of my Web production along with most of my music production) got hit with a virus (or batch of viruses) which progressively crippled it until it finally refused to recognize its keyboard.

At this time, the machine itself is still "down" for all practical purposes, but I have had the virus wiped off of the hard drive and I've received verification that all of the work on the drive is still okay.  Unfortunately, mainly due to my own inability to "get around to it," I haven't taken the further steps to actually get the keyboard issue repaired.  It's a long story, but basically my machine's screwed for the time being... hopefully not for much longer.

For those who are curious, I am currently posting from my wife's laptop.  I couldn't take it anymore and finally installed Dreamweaver here, so I could start posting again.  So...  Here I am.

I am no longer DJing at 3316!
I regret that I didn't announce this here as soon as it happened... but I was hoping to do it more dramatically, with an funny animated GIF to illustrate one of the most absurd factors of the whole thing.

I will explain more in the near future, but for now I'll put it simply:  The powers that be at 3316 decided they couldn't afford to have the "late night" weekend events anymore and, after five nights, my performances there were ended.

I was not upset to receive this news; the money was nice, but I missed having any Fridays and Saturdays to spend with friends and family.  I have nothing against Guy, the amazing head chef of 3316; I still think he rocks.  However, I do think that some of the behaviour on the part of one of 3316's higher-ups on my last night (at the beginning of the evening, for any of you who were unfortunate enough to be there) was a bit uncalled-for.

Again, I will post more details about this in the future.

Other quick updates...
I plan on giving a truckload of new updates over the next few days or so... but, here are a few tidbits of information for everyone.

- Lanna and X are doing well.  Lanna is continuing her college studies, and X is already almost one year old.  It's rather crazy how quickly time can go by.

- Thanks to being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, I have managed to add a lot of DJ-only remixes on vinyl to my already massive collection.  Earlier tonight, I was listening to a few of the new versions, which included Ralphi Rosario and Xavier Gold's "You Used To Hold Me" (a fairly rare mix), Paula Abdul's "Cold-Hearted" (an extremely rare mix), and Timex Social Club's "Rumors" (an insanely rare mix from all the way back in 1986).  I've managed to get my hands on some incredible stuff overall, but that "Cold Hearted" mix is especially impressive.  It's out of this world - seriously an awesome remix job.

- I am continuing to work on my own music production work, and I now have a tentative tracklist for my debut album, The Relative and the Absolute.  It looks like it will contain 14 or possibly 15 tracks.  There's still a TON of production work to be done, though (a majority of the tracks are not finished yet), so I can't even give a potential release date at this point.

- Tulsa's historic Camelot Hotel is now completely gone.  While the destruction of the building had already started in late 2007, the remaining pile of debris was finally cleared out in January.  I can still very clearly remember going to music conventions there with my mum, starting around 1989-1990 or so.  The Camelot meant quite a bit to me, and it's saddening to drive by that site knowing that I'll never see it again.

- Yeah, there was an anniversary in February.  A big, big one.  The celebration for that anniversary, however, has been postponed.  Not cancelled.  Just postponed.

More later...  Much more.