DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Ninety-Three.
Wednesday, 2009.05.27, 2:03 PM CST.
Depeche Mode Night setlists are now online!

Good news.  I am finally back to blogging here on the site.  Things have been a little wacky, but not too bad overall.  It took a while to recover from Depeche Mode Night.  Whew!

I have finally put up the setlists from DM Night.  Both TMJ's pre-show set and my set can be found here.

Many thanks to everyone who attended.  There were quite a few people there, but of course, not a lot of people dancing.  (Unfortunately, the Gypsy still doesn't sell alcohol, so that's a factor).  It was a very successful night for the Gypsy, however, and TMJ and I are discussing another DJ event there in the future.

Very, very special thanks to "Jezebel" - the exotic dancer who showed up at the party and danced (mostly by herself) to roughly two thirds of my set.  She was awesome!  If you want to check out her dancing skills further, she is currently a dancer at Lady Godiva's on Sheridan.  :)

When you read the setlist, by the way, you will notice that "Martyr" is listed twice.  I had two different remixes that I'd produced of "Martyr" with me, and I wasn't sure which one to play.  Jezebel requested it early in the evening, so I worked in the more industrial DJ Badger Black Cherry Chainsaw Mix of "Martyr."  Towards the end of the evening, Jezebel asked to hear the "other" mix of Martyr as well, so I played the DJ Badger Sweet Sweet Electro-Beatdown.  I had not been expecting to play any Depeche Mode songs twice - especially "Martyr" - but since Jezebel had been kind enough to dance for the majority of my set, I had no problem fulfilling her request.

I do have some great photos of the event, and I will be posting them here soon.

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More later!