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Entry Ninety-Seven.
Sunday, 2009.06.21, 4:59 PM CST.
Iranian correlation and "Neda."

Does anyone else out there see any correlation between the current Iranian protests and the Beijing protests 20 years ago this month?

Of course, things are different now insofar as the available information is concerned.  In 1989, the Internet was not used on a commercial basis (even I wouldn't start using it for another four years), and thus, we weren't able to receive the information - especially photographic and video information - like that which is being smuggled out of Iran.

I just watched footage on YouTube of a young lady who allegedly had been shot in the heart by Iranian riot police.  She is known as "Neda."  According to most sources, Neda was attending a non-violent protest with her father (I have seen one very unconfirmed statement that it was actually her professor), and a trained government-employed riot cop with a sniper rifle shot her through the heart.

Neda looked like she was around 20 or so.  Heck, she might have even been born after the protests in Tienanmen Square.  She should have lived at least another 50 years.  But, there she was, lying on the ground and peering over at the cell phone camera in the last moments she had on earth, shot down because she dared to protest what she believed to be an unfair, rigged government election.

Neda has become a martyr among the people of Iran.

Was the election rigged?  To be honest, I have no idea.  I wasn't there and I really don't know enough about Iranian politics to say for certain.  I can kind of presume that it was, but I can't say that I definitely know that it was.

But, I know that something is something very wrong when a government decides that it's so important to quell a protest that it's okay for a sniper to shoot an unarmed young woman through the heart.


I wonder if, 20 years from now, there will be any now-fledgling DJs in the world looking back in memory to the June 2009 protests in Tehran.

All my best for peace to the people of Iran.  Keep fighting the good fight... and hopefully somehow the side of the right will prevail.