DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry One Hundred Fifteen.
Thursday, 2009.12.24, 1:10 AM CST.

The "I made it!" mega-update.
Current Mood:  A little tired but not horrible.  Current Scent:  212 Men by Carolina Herrera.

Years and years ago, I had a weird mental "feeling" that I would die at the age of 37.  As I got closer to that age, it became more and more of an obsession, and when I reached my 37th birthday, I knew that it was just a silly hunch, but I was still kind of "cautious" in a strange way, because what if this internal "prophecy" somehow got fulfilled?

Well, earlier this month...  I made it.  I don't normally mention my age outright here, but I turned 38 and I feel fantastic about it.  Considering my age, I'm in great shape, and I'm getting better.

In celebration, I'm going to post a bunch of random crap I've been intending to say lately, but hadn't gotten around to.  Enjoy.

My Dad.
As I reported here a while back, my dad had heart surgery towards the beginning of October.  He had a pacemaker and an internal defibrilator implanted.  At first, there were some complications (it honestly looked like we were going to lose him), but somehow, he pulled out of it.  He now says that his heart is feeling better than it has in a while.  So, that's great news.

My Wife and Her Degree.
In other good news, my wife finally earned her bachelor's degree in Merchandising this month.  It will be nice to finally have her out of college and hopefully she'll be able to get a decent job soon.

The Wrestler.
I watched the 2008 Mickey Rourke movie, The Wrestler, in late November.  Finished it on Thanksgiving.  It's a great movie, and without giving any major spoilers, I can say (since this is pretty much shown right off the bat) that Rourke plays an old wrestler who still longs to have more "glory days" in his industry even though most of the others in his field are younger and more agile than he is.

Nope...  I didn't feel any correlation to my present state in the DJ industry at all.  :)

Ha ha.

Terrific flick.  Not for kiddies, though.

Fat Daddy's.
Well, the nasty-ass old bar "Fat Daddy's" (or, as I call it, "Casa de Skank") just off I-44 got mercifully torn down a while back.  Unfortunately, they didn't leave the rubble there long enough for me to drop by and urinate upon it.

They've opened a new location elsewhere (far away) but considering the quality of a lot of the Fat Daddy's clientele, I just don't see myself going by there anytime soon.  Up yours, Fat Daddy's.  I'm glad I no longer have to see you every time I drive past that part of I-44.

Ten Years of Vegetarianism.
As of late November, I have been a vegetarian for ten years!  I haven't intentionally eaten meat in that entire time.  (I've accidentally eaten meat a few times, such as the time I inadvertantly wolfed down my wife's take-out potato-and-chicken burrito, thinking it was my potato-and-bean burrito, after a very late-night Mexican food run.)

Well, that was a decent selection of random crap.  More soon.