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Entry One Hundred Forty-Six.
Thursday, 2011.10.06, 2:20 PM CST.

A big "Thank you" to Steve Jobs.
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Back in 1985, when I was only 14 years old, my parents bought me my second computer - an Apple IIe (pronounced two-E), with a black-and-white monitor (which we quickly upgraded to a colour one) and a dot matrix printer.  It was a severe upgrade from the TRS-80 Colour Computer that they'd bought back in 1983, and I was thrilled.

It was the first computer I ever had which had a disk drive, which made the loading and saving of files much less time-consuming than the cassette tape drive (!) I'd used on my old CoCo.

On the Apple IIe, I played some of the most advanced games at the time (as well as some of the most violent, like the legendary axe fighting game "The Bilestoad" and the quite graphic "Crypt of Medea"), and I did a lot of writing and early graphic design.  I even saw my first "adult-oriented" computer image on the IIe- a crude painting of a pair of topless brunette "twins" which somehow got included onto a floppy disk of shareware.

The Apple IIe changed my life in numerous ways.  In fact (as I've detailed in Journal Entry 144 as well as numerous other places on this site), it was the work that I was able to do on that very machine for my friend and mentor Dave French that eventually led to my involvement in the world of DJing.

That Apple IIe was what I used at home until I upgraded to my first PC clone in 1993.  I quickly moved away from using the IIe altogether due to its obsolescence, but I still have it (as well as a lot of software for it) around, and someday I might just plug it back in and see if it still works.

Without Steve Jobs, there wouldn't have been Apple, and without Apple, there wouldn't have been my Apple IIe.  I don't want to think about how much different my life may have turned out without that beautiful machine.

So, thanks very much for that.


Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple, passed away yesterday at the age of 56.  May he rest in peace.