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Entry One Hundred Fifty-Five.
Wednesday, 2012.06.27, 10:42 AM CST.

I performed at Tulsa Pride 2012!  (Includes setlist.)
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A little earlier this year, I was approached about doing a DJ performance at Tulsa Pride.

Now, before you jump in and say, "But Badger, that's a gay pride festival - I didn't know you were gay!," please allow me to explain.

Although it is primarily known as a "gay pride" thing, Tulsa Pride is a lot more than that.  It's not strictly for the gay community.   It's mainly a gigantic, spectacular party at which people of all orientations - gay, bi, hetero, transgender, etc. - can get together.  It is an inclusive, open event at which everyone is welcome, as long as you're not there to stir up trouble.


Also, to clear up any misconceptions...  I'm not gay.  Going back as far as high school, there have been rumours that I was gay (mainly due to my style of dress, my musical preferences, and my eventually abnormal amount of knowledge about such topics as neckties, varieties of male fragrances, and "Project: Runway")... but I've actually been heterosexual the whole time.  (I've often referred to myself as a "flaming metrosexual.")

All that being said, I have very close gay friends, and I support gay marriage and the extension of insurance benefits to gay spouses.  I'm what's known as a "straight ally" in the LGBT community.

My setup, a little bit before showtime.

For my performance at Tulsa Pride, I was situated inside the "Liquor Lounge," located across the way from the big outside stage where they were having the drag shows and whatnot, hosted by Pandora Boxx, a contestant from season two of "RuPaul's Drag Race."  (I didn't get to meet Pandora, but I heard that she was great.)

For this performance, the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center provided the PA system and lighting.  I just brought the turntables, mixer, CD decks, music, etc.  I had been asked to provide remixes of recent top 40 music - basically a pop-oriented club performance, with some classics thrown in.  I dug into my remix arsenal (as well as a slew of new remixes that I'd been purchasing recently!) and turned out a great set - FOUR HOURS of dance music!  The room was just about completely packed at a couple of points.

Please click here for the setlist from my Tulsa Pride 2012 performance.

As this was my first time attending Tulsa Pride, I wasn't sure what to expect... but it was quite nice.  Quite a few friends showed up, and it was interesting seeing the different costumes.  (The BIG black dude in the American flag dress and the tiara was probably the most elabourate that I saw.)  It was a major honour to be selected for Tulsa Pride 2012, and I am hoping to be chosen for the Liquor Lounge again next year.

More quite soon...!


PS:  I still reserve the right to describe Alexander Skarsgård from "True Blood" as "hunky," from a purely heterosexual point of view, of course.  *ahem*