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Entry One Hundred Sixty-Six.
Wednesday, 2013.03.27, 3:04 PM CST.

Surgery, Delta Machine, and two NEW retro performances, right around the corner!
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I will be performing on MARCH 28TH (TOMORROW!) and APRIL 6TH!  Read below for details...

I know that I haven't posted here often (and I really do want to fix that!), but I have quite a bit to discuss.

I hope things are going well for all of you.  Life here has been strange in ways I can't even suitably explain.  I've been thinking a lot about things that happened 20 years ago.  1993 was a magical year for me; I started attending NSU that year and had all kinds of crazy adventures there for three semesters.  Maybe I'll talk about those more in detail in the future.


I had some surgery.  I'm healing well.
Back in the present day... I've got a few things to talk about before my big event news.  I had surgery on March 14th to correct some longtime issues with my sinuses.  I'm happy to report that the surgery went wonderfully, and that this will most likely help to resolve some problems I've had for most of my life.


Delta Machine!!!
Also...  Yesterday, Depeche Mode released their thirteenth studio album, Delta Machine.  As many of you know, I have been a DM enthusiast and collector since 1987... and as many of you know, I didn't think much of their last effort, the dismal and (overall) uninspiring Sounds of the Universe.  I am happy to report that Delta Machine is a vast improvement over SoundsDelta Machine has some major differences from their previous albums.

Two of the songs ("Slow" and "Goodbye") could easily be deemed straight-up blues songs with a few electronic elements thrown in, and the lead single, "Heaven," is a soulful ballad that stands in stark contrast with most of their previous work.  One particular song, "Alone," may just end up being one of my favourite Depeche Mode songs of all time, ranking up there alongside "Never Let Me Down Again," "Walking in My Shoes," "Stripped," "Black Celebration," and "Ice Machine."

The album is not perfect; "Soft Touch/Raw Nerve" stands out as an irritatingly poor song which goes for aggression without really showing much rhythmic backbone, and "The Child Inside" is a weak "Martin song" (a song sung by songwriter Martin Gore, not the usual Dave Gahan) which conjures up disturbing images which are less "fascinatingly disturbing" and more "creepily disturbing."


Well... this year, I haven't done any DJ performances.  (I have done quite a bit of production, though!)  However, as those of you who follow my Facebook page already know, I am about to perform at TWO major retro events over the course of the next ten days!

Throwback Thursday and 80s Prom.

TOMORROW, I will be the special guest DJ joining DJ Parasight and DJ Neuro for the March 28th installment of "Throwback Thursdays."  It's a weekly party at Electric Circus (1st + Detroit, Tulsa) which features a blend of pop hits, club hits, and alternative/goth tracks from back in the 80s and 90s.  I've been gearing up for this event for a while, and I am geeked about it!  There is NO COVER CHARGE for this event...  All you have to do is grab a few friends (if you have friends... really, it's okay if you don't), come on down, and party!

Then, on SATURDAY, APRIL 6TH...  I will be joining Lynn K, Demko, and the legendary Sean Kibble (who was the DJ at the Beat Club way back in MY earliest clubbing days!) on the main "pop/club" stage of the eleventh annual 80S PROM!!!  I'm quite thrilled.  Tickets for that one are available at the 80s Prom website.  I recommend buying them well in advance, because this is the biggest annual party Tulsa has to offer!

So...  if you like great retro music, I highly recommend that you make it out to both of these events.  As usual, I'll be breaking out some super-rare remixes from my arsenal and doing a lot of my mixing from real vinyl records.  :)  It should be fun.

I hope to post more soon.  Thanks very much for all of your support!