DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry One Hundred Seventy-Five.
Monday, 2013.11.11, 12:09 PM CST.

Milestones:  DJing, the Internet, my shaved head, and more.
Current Mood:  Really, quite good.   Surprisingly good, actually.
Current Scent:  The Dreamer by Versace.  (Yum!)

Hello, everyone.  I hope you're doing well.  I'm enjoying Veteran's Day here with my twenty-month-old son Atticus.  He's watching "Team Umizoomi" while I type this.  I'm sitting here devouring some of my wife's homemade pumpkin bread and drinking some free-trade Mayan Black Onyx which I've turned into a pumpkin spice latte.


2013 has been a really interesting year.  I had major surgery to correct a sinus condition that had given me problems for decades.  I was able to perform on the main stage of two of the biggest retro events in Tulsa.  I was able to see Depeche Mode twice and take my son to his first major concert!  I was able to reunite with one of the most influential characters from the 1990-1993 seasons of my life.

It hasn't been a perfect year, but it has been a good year.


As a lot of you may have noticed, my brain tends to put an underlying focus on anniversaries.  Well, this fall, there have been some interesting ones.


Twenty years ago, I was attending Northeastern State University in Tahlequah and starting what would be an eleven-month-long relationship with someone who (I didn't realize at the time) exhibited the characteristics of a pathological liar.  Up until the end of October, my hair looked like this:

Fall 1993, with a squared-off goatee, looking like an Egyptian pimp.
I swear to the deity of your choice... I wasn't on drugs.  Really!

So, yeah... it was a fun time.


In September of 1993, I also used the Internet for the first time.  That's right...  I've been "online" now for over twenty years.  WOW.  At the time that I started, my interface with the Internet was strictly text-only, using a UNIX shell.  I didn't evolve to using the "graphic" version of the Internet - the Web and whatnot - for another two years.  Can you imagine that?

(It's worth throwing in that in December 1995, the first Website for my DJ company, EKG Mobile Music, went online... which means I established an official "online presence" earlier than another other DJ in Tulsa)

I've seen an awful lot of changes on the Internet over the years, and I love being able to communicate so easily with my friends and fans.  On the other hand, I don't like to think how much more I could have gotten done with my life if I had used even a fraction of the time that I wasted just doing stupid crap online.  :)


On October 28th, 2003 - a little over ten years ago - I buzzed off all of my hair, for the first time, during the intermission between acts of a play/poetry/performance art thing that I was doing at the Gypsy Coffee House in downtown Tusla.  Thus began my regular routine of shaving my head.

Behold the amazing smoothness.


In September/October 1988, 25 years ago, I discovered the amazing wonder of IMPORT 12" SINGLES.  Suddenly, the meager assortment of domestic 12" singles that I'd acquired from Buttons was overshadowed by years and years worth of remixes that I had never known were released.  "Little 15!"  "Stripped!"  "Shake the Disease!"  "A Question of Time!"   "Master + Servant!"  "Everything Counts!"  "New Life!"  My passions for collecting would never be the same!

I remember buying a few of these awesome vinyl pieces and calling my old DJ mentor Dave French over to check them out.  (I know I've told this story before, but I love it so much that I'll tell it again.)  He had a new fog machine that he wanted to show off, so he brought that over.  He aimed it out through the screen on the front windows so that people on the road outside would just see these insane JETS of fog shooting out of the house.  It was a lot of fun, even though I'm sure it freaked a lot of people out.


On September 29th, 1989, I performed my own first DJ gig at my old high school's 1989 homecoming dance.  That was now over twenty-four years ago, which means I'm now "in my 25th year of DJing!"  How CRAZY is that??!!


Thanks as usual to everyone for your support!  Please make sure to check out my Facebook page for much more frequent (usually daily) updates!

More soon...