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Entry One Hundred Eighty-Two.
Monday, 2014.06.09, 10:58 AM CST.

A few more details about my NEW mobile DJ company!
Current Mood:  Industrious is the best word that comes to mind... and it's suitable.
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I don't know how I did it... I really don't... but I got almost seven hours of sleep last night.  Seven hours.  That's awesome.  These days, I'm lucky to get five.  So, seven is practically a miracle, so to speak.

My sons, ages two and seven, are eating breakfast and playing the Wii.  I am offering up a cup of sacrifical fair-trade organic Newman's Own (black as midnight on a moooooooonless night, as Agent Cooper would say) to whatever deity/deities have given me this quite awful headache.

(And nope, for those of you who wonder, I wasn't drinking at all last night.   This could just be my brain's way of asking me why the Fong I chose to give it seven hours of sleep.)


This morning, I'm feeling especially industrious insofar as the new DJ service goes.  I've already been working a bit on the website for the new company this morning, and if I do say so myself, it's looking really good.  Lots of purple.

A little chunk of logo.In fact, here's a piece of the logo for it.  I'm not ready to reveal the whole thing - or even the company name! - but this will hopefully whet your proverbial appetites.

I hope to give more details soon!  I earnestly can't explain to you how excited I am about the new company.  This is going to be INCREDIBLE.  I'm all kinds of thrilled (obviously), and luckily my wife is being very supportive, even though she has a lot on her plate right now as well.

I'll put forth a lot more details about the nature of the new service in the near future, but here are a few of the key points:

  • With this service, you'll have the opportunity to hire someone with over twenty-five years of experience in the industry.  (Yeah, me.)  We will not take your hard-earned money and send out a couple of kids who have only done a gig or two and have no clue about music from more than five years ago.  :)
  • Not only will clients get an experienced DJ, they'll get a known experienced DJ.  Having a class reunion?  You can get someone who's performed on the main stage of 80s Prom.  Having a gay wedding?  (Okay, it's Oklahoma... having a "commitment ceremony?")  You can get someone who's performed at Tulsa Pride.
  • We will offer a mixture of "new-school" LED light effects and "old-school" halogen-lamp light effects for one of the most unique, impressive light shows in the Tulsa DJ industry.  In our larger setups, we will offer more light effects than a lot of Tulsa clubs.
  • We will possibly be the only mobile DJ company in our market that doesn't bring a laptop from which to DJ.  DJ performances will be done using CDs and REAL VINYL.  No, we won't be able to bring half-a-million songs to your event, but at the same time, you're going to pay to have an experienced DJ doing real live manual club-like mixing at your event... not just pushing a magic "sync" button and letting a computer do the work.
  • Whether we're playing older tracks or the latest hits, we will play lots of remixes - good remixes and rare remixes.  They won't be random crappy "fan mixes" found on blogs made from "chunks" of good songs thrown on top of a beat loop.  These will be the best remixes we can get, often purchased on pristine vinyl for the most old-school club "feel" but still providing exceptional sound quality.
  • We will offer incredible top-tier service for our clients, and - get this! - we will service only ONE CLIENT per day.  Some other companies have to juggle a whole team of "DJs" (of various qualities) to meet the needs of a dozen or so "gigs" per weekend.  In our case, once we are booked for a day, no other customer will be able to arrange a "second show" for that day.
  • We will dress appropriately for the event.  Even back in the EKG Mobile Music days, that was a big deal with me.  If you hire us for a wedding, you won't get some loser in a stained Budweiser T-shirt who reeks like an ashtray and cheap cologne.
  • Our price point will be "up there," but not insane.  We'll be more expensive than the dreaded stereotypical "Craiglist DJ" and significantly cheaper than hiring Steve Aoki.  :)

Okay, that's it...  I've gotta get back to work on the site and maybe do some more mixing practice if I get a chance today.

- Badger