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Entry One Hundred Eighty-Seven.
Friday, 2015.01.02, 11:37 PM CST.

2014 was a HUGE year for me as far as DJing went... and I have some special people to thank for that.
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As many of you know, I don't DJ very often.  Some DJs in Tulsa go out and DJ every weekend; for a number of reasons, that hasn't been a possibility for me for several years.

So, usually, I have only performed at two or three gigs per year, but I've done my absolute best to make sure that those were incredible performances.  Maybe I've succeeded.  Maybe I haven't.  But, I've put forth the effort, hauling out the vinyl and CDs (when applicable) and going to a great deal of effort to offer a good set.

2014 was big for two reasons:  It marked my return to the world of mobile DJing (in assisting the lovely Taylor Stanbro, her friends, and her family with the "Back to the Prom" event), and it was the year in which I had more performances than any individual year going back for over a decade.



Robbo, I, and Lynn K after "That 90's Party."

I was lucky enough to perform at the following:

The Tulsa Vinyl Society's Vinyl Brunch.
Tulsa, OK, January 19th.

"Back to the Prom."
Chelsea, OK, June 21st.

"That 90's Party."
Tulsa, OK, July 12th.

"The Big End of Summer Luau."
Tulsa, OK, August 6th.

The Fur Shop's "Halloween Horror Party."
Tulsa, OK, October 31st.

The Fur Shop's first anniversary party.
Tulsa, OK, November

The Tulsa Vinyl Society's Vinyl Brunch.
Tulsa, OK, December 7th.


SEVEN performances.  That blows me away.  I haven't done seven or more performances in the course of a calendar year since 2002 or maybe even earlier.

Now, for the "Back to the Prom" event, big thanks go out to Pam Fraley Stanbro, Taylor's mom, who arranged a venue in Chelsea and allowed me the opportunity to perform.  That event meant more to me than I can really describe here.

For the two installments of the Vinyl Brunch, I owe major thanks to Dillon Hargrave and the Tulsa Vinyl Society.  Those were a LOT of fun!

However, for those other four performances, I need to give special thanks to Rob "Robbo" Robertson and his wife, Lynn "Lynn K" Robertson.



As I admitted back in 2013, for a long time, years ago, I unfairly harboured bad feelings about Robbo.  Part of my issue was a desire to believe anything remotely bad I'd heard about him, and part of it was simple jealousy because so many people loved him and came to his events.  It was genuinely stupid of me to think that way.

By the time he invited me to DJ at "80s Prom" 2013, I had come to my senses, and I was hesitant to perform due to my own foolishness... but he convinced me to give it a chance, and he put me on the main stage alongside Sean Kibble, who was the first DJ that I had ever heard spin in a club environement way back in the late 1980s!  What an honour!  (Sean was awesome, too!)

Since that "80s Prom," Robbo has invited me to DJ at event after event after event.  I've had to respectfully decline a few times (for instance, I had a major family commitment that prevented me from DJing at "80s Prom" 2014), but I've accepted most of his invitations, and I've repeatedly found myself having a great time.

I'm wrong in life more than I'd like to be, and my animosity towards Robbo in the past was a good example of that.  Robbo and Lynn have forgiven me, and they have treated me with absolute respect every time that I have performed at their events.  I like to think that I have responded with respect as well.

One thing is for sure:  I don't just see Robbo and Lynn as DJs and promoters with whom I have worked a few times.  I am proud to call them my friends.  We've hung out a little bit and even got together with other friends to play "Cards Against Humanity" at the Fur Shop.  They're really fun people.

That being said, on the "promoter side" of things, I know that without Robbo and Lynn, 2014 wouldn't have been nearly as busy for me and I probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere close to seven performances for the year.

Hence, I owe them both a LOT of gratitude.  Rob and Lynn, thank you both... for everything.  You're awesome.


All right... that concludes this post.  Hopefully I will post again very soon.

Take care, everybody!