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Entry One Hundred Ninety-Two.
Saturday, 2015.06.13, 5:58 PM CST.

If you DJ using YouTube, you're a disgrace to our profession.
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So, I've gotta tell you a story about someone I bumped into a few weeks back.  I was out visiting a couple of friends who were DJing, and while I was there, a shaggy, disheveled, far-from-odour-free and way-too-drunk-for-his-own-good fellow came up to me and asked, "Are you a DJ?"

I told him that I was, in fact, a DJ, and had been doing it for a while.

Then, he tells me this: "Yeah, my friend and I are going to be DJing here, and we're both going to be using YOUTUBE."

I glared over at him as he proudly continued bragging about how he and his buddy were going to be using YouTube for this entire performance, and he especially wanted me to know that it was a punk rock performance - as if that made it all okay.

He couldn't tell me what day of the week this performance was going to be on ("It's next Thursday... no, wait... next Monday..."), but he seemed quite proud that they were going to be using YouTube.

I didn't tell him how I really felt, because (1) I knew that my opinion wouldn't matter to him, (2) of all the ways I've ever thought of dying, "being shanked by some idiot" hasn't ever been close to the top of the list, and (3) I really just wanted this guy's breath way the hell away from my face.  So, I just kind of said "Good for you," and had to repeat that once or twice since he wasn't exactly sure what I meant by it.


But, since I've been thinking about it and this nimrod isn't anywhere nearby, I figured I'd go ahead and let you know what I think about the subject:

If you are doing a "DJ" set with YouTube, you are a joke.   You're worth little more than nothing.  You're ripping off your customer, you're a disgrace to our profession, and you deserve to have anything and everything go wrong.


Doing a gig with YouTube and calling one's self a "DJ" is like connecting two Spaghetti-O's cans by a piece of string and calling one's self a "telecommunications engineer."  On the most basic level, yes, a person playing videos on YouTube could be playing music for others to hear - which is the most fundamental essence of being a DJ.


1)  It's illegal.  (Those tracks haven't been purchased or licensed for DJing.)
2)  It's lazy.  (One doesn't even need to download the songs.)
3)  The quality's going to suck.  (LOTS of YouTube vids have low-quality audio.)
4)  It's just sketchy as hell.


If you're a DJ with a genuine passion for music, then you need to purchase the music to support the artists.  They're doing what they can to crank out the tracks we use.  It doesn't matter if they're scrambling for cash or millionaires.  If we're using their music for our own profit, then we need to actually pay up and support them for releasing that material.

If you're a DJ who can't even be bothered to pay a buck or so per song (and yes, that also goes out to those DJs who get their libraries by torrenting or trading external drives full of tunes with their buddies), then it's really best that you find a hobby/career that doesn't require as much of an investment to do it properly... and leave the DJing to the grown-ups.

If you've decided that the most dedication you want to give to our craft is to pull up YouTube videos and play them in succession... then that's beyond pathetic, and anyone supporting your weak bastardization of "DJing" has got to have a pretty low standard of entertainment.