DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry One Hundred Ninety-Nine.
Friday, 2016.06.17, 9:56 PM CST.

PROG51 successful, Nitro/Gen dead, Pop in a Blender suspended, and more.
Current Mood:  A little warm and a little successful.
Current Scent:  None.

Good evening, everyone.  I am currently at home, indulging in a canned beverage called the Water-Melon-Rita, which doesn't taste quite as awesome as it should.  It's been almost three months since my last update here, although I've continued to post regularly on Facebook.

I have been BUSY.  Not only have I been hard at work on a major project for my "day job," I've also been performing at events left and right.  My mobile performances have become more frequent, and my club appearances have become a little more sparse.  In fact, I have no performances scheduled for the next month, and I'm quite happy about that (see below for details).


May's PROG51 event was awesome!!  I played a lot of great, nostalgic stuff from the glory days of KTOW progressive radio, Mohawk Music, and Beat Club... and it was so much fun.  Huge thanks to everyone who showed up!

My monthly alt-club 80s/90s retro night, Nitro/Gen, is no more.  I decided to make the fourth Nitro/Gen, the April 30th installment, the final one - but I didn't realize at the time that due to circumstances completely unrelated to Nitro/Gen, my April event was going to be the final public dance party at Nitro Lounge.  That became public knowledge around a week before Nitro/Gen, and we had a massive showing.  It was tremendous.  It is my understanding that the Nitro Lounge location will soon be reopening as a new venue called the Blackbird, focused on live performances with no intention of hosting any more DJ events from this point forward.

Pop in a Blender, my other dance-oriented monthly event, has been "suspended" a bit.  I had a bit of a scheduling snafu on my side, so we had to hold off on the May installment.  Then, Vanessa (incredible) at Lot No. 6 and I kept going back and forth about the date of the next one, and we finally settled on bringing it back on SATURDAY, AUGUST 6TH.  So, for those of you who miss Pop in a Blender... that's when it will return.


As I've mentioned a number of times in the past, I'm lucky to have a decent "day job" that allows me to be very selective about when or if I perform as a DJ.  So, I'm voluntarily taking a bit of time off from DJ performances.  I'm hoping to have at least one of my turntables professionally fine-tuned in the meantime, and hopefully I'll get a bit of time to work on some other projects of mine (like writing a novel, working out more often, and learning how to properly tie a bowtie).

At the time of this writing, my next scheduled public DJ performance will be at Chimera in downtown Tulsa on SUNDAY, JULY 17TH - one month from tonight! - in my third appearance at the Tulsa Vinyl Society's Vinyl Brunch.  Those are always ridiculously laid-back and a lot of fun... so I'm really looking forward to that performance.

All right... time to do some work around the house and/or possibly work on some graphic design stuff.  I'll have more updates for you soon!