DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Two Hundred Three.
Sunday, 2017.03.12, 12:43 PM CST.

Feeling lucky (still).
Current Mood:  Very lucky.
Current Scent:  The Dreamer by Versace.

It's a Sunday afternoon, and I've been sitting in my living room sipping a warm coconut latte out of my Depeche Mode "In Your Room" travel mug as my nine-year-old, X, and my five-year-old, Atticus, have played on the Wii U and I sip a warm coconut latte out of my Depeche Mode "In Your Room" travel mug.  My wife, feeling a bit under the weather, has been resting.


I'm feeling truly lucky.  I know that I've mentioned feeling lucky in the past as well, but this is somewhat different.

In my life, I have had some pretty awful stuff happen.  I've lost people who were extremely close.  I've gone through scarlet fever, appendicitis, and Legionnaires' disease.  I've had bad business dealings, I've had things stolen from me, I've been betrayed by loved ones, and I have found myself in pretty dire financial straits... all at one point or another.  I've even been diagnosed with depression and have been taking medication for it for over a decade.

And I have complained.  A lot.

However, through all that time...  I never found myself without a place to live, I never went hungry, and I never completely shut down or gave up.


These days... I find myself in a position of incredible fortune.

I've got a wife and two very unique, very wonderful children whom I love very much.  I have a great "day job" - stressful but great.  I'm not swimming in money or anything like that, but I'm doing well.

I just ate some magnificent home-cooked dark chocolate pancakes with peanut butter (not the healthiest thing, but quite good).  I'm working out often, and I might just be in the best shape of my life - but there's still plenty of work to be done as far as that's concerned.

As I'm typing this out, I've been perusing eBay for neckties for which I have absolutely no real need - I just really enjoy wearing them - and, just this week, I added a brand new light effect - a BIG one - to my mobile lighting arsenal.  More upgrades will be forthcoming.

I'm now the head of not one, but two, professional mobile DJ brands (more about that in my next blog post)... and not only do I get to perform as a DJ for people in person, but I also get to share my mixes via the world via Mixcloud.  Heck, people even buy my paintings to decorate their homes.  How cool is that??

I find myself in such a position that I'm even able to give back a little to the community; for instance, I have signed back up with Share Our Strength (, and my monthly donations are going to help make sure that some less fortunate children in America will be getting the food they need, not only to fight their hunger, but also help them perform better in school and hopefully be more productive later on in life.  It's one of the best charities with which I've ever been involved.

My life isn't perfect; flaws, shortcomings, and issues abound.  However, on an average, overall basis... life is pretty good, and I'm extremely grateful.


Now, all that being said...  I know that I haven't been "out and about" as much as I would like, either performing or socializing.

I'm sorry about that, but at the same time, I hope that you'll understand that my time - to a great extent - has been invested in doing what I can to express myself creatively, plus focusing on my efforts with the mobile DJ companies, plus doing things with my family.  I've got lots of stuff to do around the house (and elsewhere), and it all takes a toll on me... but hopefully, very soon, you'll start seeing me pop up here and there around Tulsa more often.

There's much more about which I need to post... but that will need to wait until the near future.  For now, I just wanted to push something positive out into the world... and confirm that I'm still doing okay out here.  :)


Thanks as always for your support...  More soon!