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Entry Two Hundred Nine.
Monday, 2018.01.08, 11:59 PM CST.

Regarding "Zork," 2018, and success.
Current Mood:  Confident.
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Badger in Zork shirtHappy new year, everybody!

It's been a good day.  As I type this, I'm waking up from a decent nap and reheating a powerful batch of Five County Espresso from earlier this evening.  Life is not going too badly.

So...   Following an INCREDIBLE night performing at the 100.9 Totally Awesome 80s "Totally Awesome 2018" New Year's Eve party (more on that in a post very soon), I am feeling great about future performances.  I have a feeling that we're going to have a lot of fun this year insofar as what DJ events I organize, as well as those at which I get to guest DJ.  (Shameless plug:  On January 20th, I'll be guesting at Jessy James' "Kickin' - INXS ResurXtion".)

I'm currently wearing a "Zork I" shirt, which means a lot to me (and is relevant) for a number of reasons.  For those of you who don't know, the "Zork" series was a group of games published by Infocom.  Most of them were text adventures, or what Infocom would call "interactive fiction."  The games would tell you in text where you were, what/who was there in that location with you, where the doors or other exits were, etc.  You would then type in what you wanted to do ("north," "get axe," "attack troll," etc.) to tell the games what you wanted to do, and then the games would react with what happened next.  There were no graphics.  You had to produce the visuals in your own imagination.

It may sound boring to a lot of you... but text adventures, especially those by Infocom, were AWESOME, and I loved them dearly back in the 80s.

So... what does this have to do with anything?

See, the funny thing about "Zork I" is that even though I loved it, and I bought my first copy of it back in the mid-80s, I never finished it.  This means that I also never finished any of the "Zork" sequels.

Much like a lot of things in my life, it's got ties in my head going back over three decades... but it's still something that interests me which I intend on enjoying (and completing) in the present day.

I've got a legal copy installed on this very computer, and I'm going to gradually make time to work on it and, hopefully, beat it by the end of the year.  (Yes, I know I can find walkthroughs online.  No, I'm not planning on using anything like that unless I get really, really stuck.)


2018 is going to be a very successful year here at Casa del Badger.  I have resolutions, of sorts (hopefully I will post them soon), and most of them revolve around making this the most successful year I've ever had.

"Success," however, has many factors.

Yes, I want to be successful with my DJ events.  Not only do I intend to present a slew of venue/club events this year, but I also want to be more successful with my two mobile DJ companies, Bravo Pro DJ and Awesome Retro DJ Service.  Both sites have nice, full websites that I've been working on for years; I need to get those finished and uploaded soon.  I need to do more networking, make more contacts, and build both as the legitimate, secure, reliable, professional businesses that I have intended since their inception.

I'm not just a good club DJ.  I appreciate the fact that people enjoy my club performances, but I also want people to think of me when they need a wedding DJ, or someone to spin at a class reunion, or even when someone's needing a DJ company for an extraordinary prom.  After all, that is where I got my start, thirty years ago this year - in the mobile DJ industry.

Just like "Zork," it's something that I started back the 1980s, but I never really "finished."  I want to keep doing mobile DJ work, and more importantly, I believe that I have the gear, the high-quality legal music library, the experience, and the customer service outlook to provide the best mobile DJ experience in the Tulsa market, bar none.

Are there improvements I could still make to my systems?  Yep.  Am I hoping to make those improvements this year?  Yep.  But, what I already have - and please forgive me if this sounds cocky - is above and beyond what just about anyone else in Tulsa can offer.

It's just a matter of getting the word out.


On top of all that... I want (need) to be more successful with other facets of my life.

Following a massive endeavour in cleaning out my late parents' house last year, I have boxes and clutter (mainly old, sentimental stuff that most of you would consider "junk") all over our current house.  Reorganizing all of that is a major priority for me this year.

I also need to reorganize my vinyl collection yet again, and hopefully get my music "studio" room de-cluttered and rearranged so that I can just walk in and practice mixing whenever I want like I used to.  I miss doing that.  With an arsenal of (I think) around six thousand 12" vinyl records and hundreds of 7" singles, it's not always an easy task to go back in and start re-shelving the records.  But, it's got to be done... and this ties in with the decluttering of our house that I mentioned above as well.

I want to do more stuff with my wife and kids.  For the past several years, there have been circumstances in my life (about which I will hopefully post soon) which have kept me very preoccupied and unable to enjoy things as much as I wanted.  A major factor in those circumstances was resolved last month, so I'm trying to learn to really "enjoy" things again without the sense of dread and worry I used to have.  My sons aren't going to be kids forever, and they deserve to have a happier and more involved dad.

Likewise...  I want to try to enjoy more time with my friends, too.  I know I said the same thing last year, and I did manage to hang out with at least a couple of friends on a fairly frequent basis.  I even got a few decent game nights going.  But, I want to do it even more this year.  I need to go to more events that my colleagues are presenting.  I need to have more game nights.  I need to become more integrated in the "scene" as well as the community.

Life is busy.  But it's also short.

Anyway...  Success can be measured a number of ways, and I want my life to be more successful all around.  I could write on and on about this... but I need to stop this post for now to switch over a Chris Brogan course that I'm taking, "Brave New Year."  (He's the #mythreewords guy and the author of such books as It's Not About the Tights and The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth.  He's awesome.)

Thanks for your ongoing support.  I have more to post about very soon.  Take care.