DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Two.
Monday, 2019.09.16, 6:40 PM CST.

The big, big changes.
Current Mood:  Still pensive and introspective.
Current Scent:  To Sur with Love by Phoebe Peacock..


So, if you've read my last blog post, you'll hopefully understand that I'm ready to make some major changes, which I'm outlining here.


I'm no longer going to go by "DJ Badger."

Yep, that's right.  I'm tired of using the name "DJ Badger," because I feel like it pigeonholes me.  I'm tired of feeling like Twist from "The Fresh Beat Band," whose entire identity revolved around his DJing.  I have loved DJing for a long time, but I don't want that to be the only thing for which I'm known, especially when, frankly, I'm falling out of love with it.

I have so many other things that I want to do more of, like writing and music production.  So, on September 29th, the 30th anniversary of my first DJ performance, you can consider the name "DJ Badger" retired.  I will give you more details about that soon.

I will continue to go by "Badger" - after all, it's a nickname I've had since before I ever DJed - but on DJ promotional materials, musical releases, etc., I will prefer to be called "Badger Kelley."  That way, it will incorporate my family name, which I kept hidden from my site and public posts for a long time, mainly to protect my parents.

Note:  I won't get all cranky and pissed off if anyone still calls me "DJ Badger."  It's just not a name that I really want to go by anymore.

Legally, I will continue operating my company as DJ Badger, LLC, for the time being.


Bravo dies and Awesome survives.

I have been proud of being the owner of two concurrent mobile DJ companies, but as much as I love some modern music, a lot of modern music still frustrates me.  I need to concentrate on what I do best:  80s and 90s parties.  So, that's what I'm going to offer, whenever I start offering my services again:  Just an amazing retro DJ service, tailored specifically to the needs of those who remember those past decades as fondly as I do.

The Bravo Pro DJ brand can be considered out of business effective immediately, although I still retain it legally as a brand name so that nobody else can use it.  Awesome Retro DJ Service will continue on.


I will continue to post mixes to Mixcloud.

I currently have over fifty sets available for free streaming on my Mixcloud account
.  Those will remain available, and I will continue to post mixes - including some which will contain newer music.


I will organize events, but a lot less often.

I will still organize and promote occasional events, but not on a monthly or bimonthly basis like I have with the now-discontinued Pop in a Blender parties.  I think this will be a good tentative framework:

  •  MODENIGHT, my Depeche Mode-focused parties, will remain yearly.
  •  An Old School Techno Night will be held once every two to three years.
  •  An Old School House Night will be held once every two to three years.
  •  Very rare additional retro-centric parties will be held from time to time.
  •  I may do very scaled-down sessions at unexpected locations for fun.

I have one more event planned for September 28th, and after that, I don't see myself organizing any new public events until next year.  It's just not fun for me at this point.

The main thing that I've wanted to do with my events has been to provide enjoyment to people around Tulsa.  I never organized events for the money; I took a massive loss on a lot of them, and if I had strictly been in it for the money... I would have completely called it quits long ago.

I have gradually learned that a lot of people simply aren't interested in my events.  I respect that.

But for those of you who have attended - who have taken your valuable time to come to any of the events that I've ever organized - I have the most sincere gratitude.  Thank you.


I'll hopefully have more news soon.  Stay tuned.