DJ Badger:  The News and the Journal

Entry Two Hundred Twenty-Three.
Saturday, 2019.09.28, 11:22 PM CST.

Thirty years of DJing ... and the "Hanging Up the Headphones" party that didn't happen.
Current Mood:  Pretty down.
Current Scent:  Remember Me by Jovoy.

My life has been weird.  Lots of ups and lots of downs just like any life.  But so weird.


For a long time, I'd been looking forward to having one last big DJ performance - one last chance to have a public party before going on a pretty major hiatus to concentrate on toher projects.

That party was scheduled for tonight... and now it's not happening.


This morning, I packed a ton of audio gear into my SUV to head to Tulsa's Lot No. 6 for my "Hanging Up the Headphones" party, celebrating 30 years of DJing (as of tomorrow) and calling it quits for a while.   I also decided to check the oil; It was dry.  I managed to make it down to a nearby oil change place, where they attempted to fix the leak.  First, they tried a new gasket at the bottom, but the threads had worn out of the receptacle.

So, they then tried an oversized plug to semi-permanently seal it off (and henceforth do all oil changes via vacuum out the dipstick channel).

Then... they noticed a crack in the oil pan, one which they might have inadvertantly caused to occur.  They were kind enough to call a tow truck and have my SUV hauled off to a repair shop, to find out whether or not they may have caused the crack.  I'm not saying that they did or they didn't; I don't know, and it was incredibly awesome of them to go the extra mile to have it checked.  The repair shop gave their prognosis, and the oil change place covered the replacement of the oil pan.

However... they didn't have a critical part,  and it wouldn't be available until Monday.

And thus... "Hanging Up the Headphones" was unexpectedly cancelled.

Long ago, I used to daydream about what my really *big* anniversary party would be.  25 years what what I was aiming for, but that came and went.  Last year, of course, I celebrated 30 years in the industry with my longtime friend and mentor Dave French, and that was one of the most enjoyable performances that I ever had.

But I still wanted to celebrate the anniversary of my first performance, and with tonight being the 28th, at midnight we would hit the 29th - the exact 30th anniversary of my first performance at the Sequoyah High School 1989 homecoming dance.  Plus, this seemed like it would make a fitting end (for now) to my public performances.

I'm sorry to everyone who was looking forward to tonight's party.  I didn't have enough time to arrange an alternate transportation that would be able to get everything out of the repair shop and over to the venue on time.

Furthermore... I don't feel like rescheduling for another date.  This was the date, and we've passed it.

I'm done.

For the time being - at least until the end of the year, probably well into 2020 - I don't intend on doing any public performances.  This is a temporary "semi-retirement."  I just don't have it in me to keep going like I've been going.


If you'll excuse me... I need to get a cherry pie out of the oven, sit down with some coffee, and think about a beautiful fall evening in 1989, when "Personal Jesus" was only a month old and three high-school friends from just north of Claremore got together to present EKG Mobile Music's first ever performance.

More soon.  Thank you, everyone.