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Entry One Hundred Fifty-Four.
Wednesday, 2012.06.13, 1:24 PM CST.

SRO Remix:  One of the most significant events at which I've ever performed.  (Includes setlists.)
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Datasoft "Bruce Lee" box.I'm actually ashamed that I haven't mentioned this one before, since it happened last year; I've gotten so used to promoting my shows on Facebook that I sometimes really suck at promoting the gigs on my own website.

I'm sorry about that.

I still want to go ahead and mention my last two gigs.  As many of you know, I don't DJ very often.  For me, each of my gigs is a really special event, and I've got so much going on with my life (family, "day job," art projects, remixing/production) that I simply can't do DJ performances as often as I used to.


On November 26th of last year, I had one of the biggest honours of my career:  The opportunity to perform at an event called SRO Remix, which was the follow-up to 2010's INCREDIBLE retro party, SRO25.

At SRO25, I had been able to meet two members of industrial supergroup Nitzer Ebb, plus one of the most influential DJs from the early days of my career, Sanchez!  (Please click here for more details about SRO25/Sanchez and here for the details about meeting Nitzer Ebb.)

So... why was this gig, out of all the gigs I'd done over the last couple of decades, such a major honour?  Well, it was the second of the reunion events for the long-gone club SRO at 18th + Boston.  I very regretfully never made it to SRO back in the day, but that club was a big deal.  Musically, at least for me, this would be a chance to revisit my favourite era of club music... plus I would be following in the footsteps of Sanchez.

When I heard that there was going to be an SRO Remix event, I summoned up the courage to contact the man behind SRO, Tim Barazza, and I asked him if I could participate as a DJ.  We had first met at SRO25, and I made sure that he knew that I had a ton of respect for him, for the classic music of the SRO era, and for the event.

I was absolutely thrilled when he said that I could perform at SRO Remix.


As it turned out, my DJing got to serve two purposes:  I got to play a full "warmup hour" in the beginning of the event, and then later on, I was one of the DJs in rotation to perform during the actual dance portion of the night.  I was honoured to perform alongside respected colleagues such as DJ Demko, Chris Martin, and Rick Corbin.  (Martin and Corbin were actually two of the DJS who had performed at SRO way back when!)

What's more... Demko and I did something fairly rare for this day and age:  We both performed PURELY VINYL, manually-mixed sets on my turntables.

There was a good-sized crowd, mainly built up of old-schoolers who had come to SRO in the 1980s.  There was a lot of great music played by everyone involved.

(I am still a bit puzzled by the playing of New Order's "Blue Monday" three times, though.  I was the first one to play it, and then a little later one of the other DJs played it twice during his sets.)


On top of everything else, proceeds from the event went to benefit the "Missy's Keys 4 Cabs" program, which helps provide rides for drunk people so that they don't get out on the road and try to drive themselves home - thus helping to prevent drunk driving accidents, and thus saving lives.  It's a worthwhile cause, and I was very glad that I could help out.


It was a major, major honour to be a part of SRO Remix.  If there is another follow-up event this year (*ahem* stay tuned) then I certainly hope that I'll be fortunate enough to play a part in that one as well.

The full tracklists for my SRO Remix sets can be found here.

More soon!